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September 23, 2006
Hat in a Day

I'm making hats for everyone in the family (well at least the ones still at home) with my very simple hat pattern....(Cast 80-90 stitches on 16" circular needles, knit until long enough, K2tog around the whole thing 3 times, pull yarn through remaining stitches, DONE!)
Everyone picked put their own yarn....Mine was in Malabrigo Merino; Cam's is in Morehouse Merino Indian Summer and I made Connor's yesterday - he chose Morehouse in the FantaSea colorway...Here is how it went....

hat in a day
During and after breakfast
hat in a day
In the waiting room at physical therapy (torn calf muscle)
hat in a day
Off and on in the evening
hat in a day
This morning

Now I just have Dave's to make and he already picked out the yarn - a beautiful natural "oatmeal " merino wool. We will all have warm heads this summer!