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November 24, 2006
On A Mitten Roll

All of a sudden I want to make mittens. I've decided to make them as Christmas gifts so there will be a few mitten posts coming up. My plan is to make beautiful mittens and THEN decide who will get each pair. Warm Lopi mittens are the 1st up. I have a pile of leftover Lopi from past sweaters so there will probably be a few pairs of these. Quick knit on US 10 needles and oh so warm and fuzzy!

Day 1
Lopi Done
Day 2

Pattern: Lopi Mittens from Alafoss Lopi No. 12
Yarn: Stash Lopi
Needles: 2 mitts on 2 circular Denise US 10

Now for some color.....

Lapland Mittens

These are the "Mittens from Lapland" in Folk Mittens by Marcia Lewandowski. I would love to eventually make all the mittens in this book...a wonderful variety from all over the World. I am using Elann Peruvian Baby Cashmere doubled to approximate worsted weight on 2.75 mm circulars. I just measured and they are a bit small so I'm going to switch and do the rest with one 3 mm Inox 40" circular - not much difference, but maybe a little to increase the palm size. I really like the plaited edge on the cuffs.