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January 8, 2007
Cozy Under the Forest Canopy in Fun Fur

Forest Canopy Shawl
I could not resist the "one skein" lure. Not when I actually had one skein of Weaver's Wool Quarters. Here is the beginning of the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl in "Canyon" colorway. The lace pattern is so simple that this has become my "take along" project. After only a few repeats, I have it down. Oh, and the Weaver's Wool is soft and lovely - a nice change from the HEAVY doubled Briggs and Little wool.
Cozy in Cables

Cozy in Cables is an adorable sweater - I've decided I want my Dulaan projects to be fun knits - not JUST quick. I want to enjoy the process - that's not to say a quick hat isn't very enjoyable once in a while.
I just picked up for the 1st sleeve - it shouldn't be long now and with this sweater, when it is done - it is seaming or sewing.

I have always secretly wanted to knit with Fun Fur....come on, you know you have too! What better reason than this. All hats will go to Children's Hospital Boston ...For all the information (rules, dates, address, patterns) visit Minestrone Soup.
I knit this one in the car on the way to and from visiting my Father-in-law in the hospital yesterday.It took only about an hour...I've got a cool pinkish skein on deck.
(Thanks for the head Kate - she is lovely!)

56 stitches on 16" 5.5mm