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May 6, 2007
In The Background

I'm not sure why it takes me so much time to knit a sweater when there are really not that many more stitches in it than in some of these socks! I think it is because it is much easier to just pick up socks on the spur of the moment and knit a few rows (which is how I do much of my knitting). It is much more of a process to get going on a sweater in progress - just size alone makes it more cumbersome! But I have been working on this pullover in the background...slowly and steadily.

Kathy Zimmerman Cable Sweater
Since it has been awhile... this is Kathy Zimmerman's "Cable Sweater" from Vogue Knitting (Summer 2006) in Tahki Cotton Classic "Sea Foam"
Kathy Zimmerman Cable Sweater

Here is a closer look at the cables. I have no idea how all these ribs and cables will stretch or shrink in the final analysis! I hope it fits!
I'm up to the armholes....knitting front and back together. It would be nice to get this done soon, but my sweater knitting history shows that this probably won't happen!

I've been gardening for past 3 days......
Most of these are now in the ground!


grasshopper sock
And a picture of my in-progress STR club kit - "Knee High to a Grasshopper" in BMFA's new Silkie yarn. I am actually on my way up the legs, but haven't taken another photo. I like the upside down heel flap gusset stitches to pick up! I'm knitting both socks together on 1 40" 2.5mm Inox circular in the Medium size and so far the fit is perfect. The yarn itself is very soft and silky.....feels nice on my feet!


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