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November 16 , 2007
All-Over Two-Color Patterned Watch Cap

You'd think she could have come up with a better name than that! But it DOES describe exactly what this hat is. I love the beautiful all-over pattern and it is a very soft, warm and highly wearable hat.

Thank you to my bodyless head for modeling this hat since I couldn't take a good picture on my own head and I had a very small window of sunshine!

All-Over Two-colr Patterned Watch Cap

Pattern: All-Over Two-Color Patterned Watch Cap from Hat's On by Charlene Schurch*
Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed - 1 50 gm skein #403 and 20 gm #416 ( a lush wool, silk, cashmere blend) The tweedy yarn made the pattern a little more obscure than it would have been in smooth yarn, but I like it anyway.
Needles: 16" circular - 3.25mm for cuff and 3.75mm for body and crown
Size: I knit the "small" size (120 stitches), but started the chart and used the length measurements for the medium size since I wanted a deeper hat. I love the finished look of the cuff edging with the yarn-over tubular cast on.

*If you are making this hat - there are big chart errors and no errata that I could find anywhere. The first 6 rows (starting at the medium row on the chart) are wrong and the 6 rows just before the crown decreases are wrong. The small foreground crosses are not symmetrical within the pattern repeat and need to be recharted. You will want to take the time to do this as it looks terrible if you don't!!

I did not have this hat off the needles for more than 3 minutes before I started these mittens...

Chevalier Mittens

This is the cuff of the Chevalier Mittens - beautiful cable architecture with more cable fun to come!


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