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April 24 , 2007
Beautiful Bird Foot

Bird Foot Socks

Oh how I loved making these socks!! When I was a few pattern repeats in....I went back to Red Bird Knits and joined Robyn's sock club, at 1st with the every other month option, but 2 days later I went back again and changed to the EVERY month option so I wouldn't miss any socks.

bird foot socks bird foot socks
bird foot socks

Pattern: Bird Foot designed by Robyn Gallimore of Red Bird Knits
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock - 38 gm Wild Cherry and 58 gm Black (a gift from my daughter - thank you, Kate!)
Needles: 2 circular needles size 2.25 mm (US 1)

I made only a few minor changes to this wonderful pattern, centering the sole pattern and knitting a plain round before starting the toe decreases so as not to distort the pattern. My stranded knitting is getting even enough so that I didn't even need to block these socks and the fit is perfect!!!

We had a great vacation despite the lousy weather - it is just fun to be someplace else! Here are a few pictures (as you can see - a lot of indoor experiences since outdoors it was cold, windy, rainy most of the time).
Other than these socks, I got very little knitting done on this trip. I started (4 car hours) and frogged a pair of "Little Child's Socks" because the pattern wasn't showing up with the yarn I had chosen....just looked like a bumpy mess. I worked a little on my cotton cabled sweater and Koigu socks, but that was it.

When I got home these 2 books had arrived, so I now have some fun bedtime reading and dreaming .... but now I have to go unpack - not the most fun part of a vacation!

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