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November 27 , 2007
Chevalier Mittens

I rarely see a pattern that I have to make instantly, but when I saw this pattern on Jennifer's queue in Ravelry, I immediately printed it off, pulled out some beautiful heathered Wool of the Andes and cast on! They are thick luscious cabled mittens that have a nice long cuff - perfect for New England winters!

Chevalier Mittens Chevalier Mitten

Pattern: Chevalier Mittens designed by Tikru
Yarn: every last bit of 2 skeins - Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Lake Ice Heather
Needles: 2 mitts on 1 40" circular 3.75 (US 5) needle

I knit the pattern exactly as written, but color coded the chart to make it easier for me to read. I have never come so close to running out of yarn on a project. I realized part way into the hand that it was going to be the time I was knitting the thumb, I actually got so concerned that t I measured how much yarn it took to do each round (12") and measured my vertical gauge. I needed 10 feet to finish and had 10 feet 5 inches of yarn left!

A few more pictures....

Chevalier Mitten Chevalier Mitten

Next mittens to be made...

Bosnian Yarn

My fingers have also been getting quite itchy to knit some lace, so when I saw Anne's new incredibly beautiful Irtfa'a Faroese Lace Shawl pattern. I quickly bought, downloaded and printed it off . Now to decide on yarn... I really should knit a black shawl - For the 1st time in several years, I had an opportunity to dress up this weekend. The only nice clothes I have would have needed a black shawl....guess what? I've never knit a black shawl and none of the 6 shawls I've made worked - what a WASTE of a dress up opportunity!!

BUT - I don't WANT to knit with pure black - I'm thinking of using one of the Raven colors, but I'm concerned they won't be dark enough...STR isn't always true to the color cards - Has anyone bought Raven Lace weight?? Decisions, decisions...

1 hour later.....Decision made.... 1750 yards of "Corvid" is winging it's way to me!


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