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September 24 , 2007
Chipman's Check Wristers

The Fingerless Mitts for Fall KAL sucked me right in! Here are my first ever pair of fingerless mitts, made for and modeled by my husband, Dave. (for Seinfeld fans - I think Dave is better than George as a hand model any day!)

(don't forget you can click pic for bigger)
Chipman's Check Wristers Chipman's Check Wristers
Chipman's Check Wristers
Chipman's Check Wristers

Pattern: Chipman's Check Wristers designed by Robin Hansen from Favorite Mittens
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Wool - 53 gms MC (#727) 22 gms CC (#282) left over from one of my favorite preblog sweaters. (Celtic Cardigan by Oat Couture)
Size: Stitch count for WS, but with worsted wt. wool the size is MM
Needles: 2 mitts together on 2 circulars (2.5mm for ribbing and 3.25mm for mitten)

Robin Hansen explains all of her methods in wonderful detail. I learned some new things making this pair of mitts ...
1. A pretty new cast on called the "Maine Method" which has an extra half twist that makes a little bead. I held the CC in my left hand to make that nice edging.
2. Increased for thumb gusset 6 stitches over 2 rows twice (great increase - just knit both colors into 1 stitch) which keeps the 6 stitch repeat going without an obvious break in the pattern here. There is no right or left mitten - they are interchangeable, since the pattern wraps seamlessly around the mittens
3. A different bind off which avoids a flaccid top edge to the ribbing

I finished these so quickly that I didn't put up any progress pictures, but here is one showing both mittens being knit together - just like socks! ( I LOVE that cast on edge!)

Chipman's Check Wristers

Now Dave wants a pair with the convertible top that pulls over the finger tips when needed! I've found some good patterns, but want to finish what I already have going first.


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