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May 2, 2007
Paducah Nine Patch and Tutti Frutti Yarn

As most of you that read this blog have noticed, it should be named Pat's KNITTING and quilting.....or Pat's Knitting and Not Much Quilting. If you look back at the old preblog galleries, you can see I had some very intense quilting years, but somehow quilting has been engulfed by knitting over the past several years and I don't see any hint of it returning. BUT if I look over my knitting history which started with a lime green mitten that had a white deer on it made in 1965 (no, I don't still have the mitten, but it was pretty cool), I have had many waxes and wanes with my knitting too. SO this will continue to be Pat's Knitting and Quilting because maybe, just maybe, the quilting will resurface in force at some point in the future.

ANYWAY....I have finished a quilt - the 1st for 2007! I started this in the fall when when the nice warm country colors were so appropriate.

Paducah 9 Patch

Pattern: Paducah Nine Patch from Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode
Size: 55" X 71"
Fabric: 5" scraps from my massive stash
Method: Machine pieced and machine quilted by me
To make this quilt, I started with 5" squares (hence the name nickel) cut from my scrap stash...126 light, 126 medium, and 126 dark squares - then I just cut up and made a few blocks at a time, whenever I had a few moments.....and 8 months later - done. The truth is that I had the blocks done and put together in a month, but the top sat around waiting to be quilted and bound for 7 months!

Paducah Nine Patch Paducah Nine Patch

I rarely buy fabric in anything bigger than a fat quarter, so the backs of my quilts are always the leftovers from the front, as you can see above.

In knitting news.....I won a skein of gorgeous hand dyed sock yarn! Lotta,who blogs at Knitternutter and is an amazing accomplished knitter and hand dyer (go look at her work.....), dyed a skein of yarn just for me. Here is what she said..." I dyed this with thoughts of fruits and flowers in mind, watermelons, poppies and sunflowers. A color that would make you think of warm sunny summer days, when you wear the socks. I decided to name the color "Tutti Frutti"."
I tell you, If I could dye yarn like this, I would never have to buy yarn again!! It is special and so beautiful!

Lotta hand dyed yarn

This yarn will be my next pair of socks......and I already have a plan! Now I have some real incentive to get the 3 pair I have going, off the needles. Thank you, Lotta!


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