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August 6 , 2007
Bonus Socks and ...

I love it when I get a bonus pair of socks....the socks that sit in the car and get a few rows here and there and all of a sudden (or actually a month or 2 later) an extra pair of socks are done that I didn't even count as a WIP.

Sockotta Sock Sockotta sock

Pattern: cuff down 60 stitches
Yarn: Sockotta color #605 - feels like a ball of string when knitting (a nice ball of string, of course), but somehow turns into soft comfy cotton blend socks.
Needles: 2 socks on 1 circular 2.25 mm

tangled yoke plan

Well, I guess I'm not totally predictable anyway! Most of you thought I was going to knit Dickenson (I'm guessing this is because of my history of cable knitting and love for Kathy Zimmerman patterns ) and it is a wonderful pullover which I may knit someday, but right now I wanted something more simple, yet special and Tangled Yoke is the next sweater project and with stash yarn too!! Don't hold your breath though...I most likely won't start this until the fall.
(PS - correct guessers were Beth S., Marianne, Ali(blog free), and Charity - If it was a contest, you would have all won $1,000,000, but it wasn't, sorry! There will be a real one coming up at the end of August though :-)

Here is where I spent last Thursday night. Only 35 minutes away - I decided to go at the last minute and what a fun time!
I ran to the bathroom just before things started and as I was washing my hands, Stephanie came in - so I got to chat with her all by myself! She said she was trying to escape - find a hidden way out. I walked out of the bathroom door a little star-struck!
I pulled out my lifeline on MS3 because I won't be needing it....I'm definitely making the wing! What a creative, enjoyable pattern!

Mystery Stole 3 wing


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