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October 26, 2007
Spookin' Around

Talk about instant gratification! This little wall quilt took 1 day to make (quilting is so much faster than knitting!) I had already made one of these several years ago, but donated it to a mini quilt auction. My younger boys are still really into halloween and wanted more decorations - so yesterday I made this for our door.

Spookin' Around
My perfectionistic side wants you to know that it really has very straight edges, but the grass underneath bends the quilt, so the edges are distorted in the picture!

Pattern: Spookin' Around by MH Designs
Size: 14" X 15"
Method: Paper pieced/machine quilted

Here is the back...

Spookin' back

All I need are thumbs on my flap mittens and toes on my socks - but somehow I cast on for a hat instead of finishing them. Knitting Karma caught up with me quickly... I knit 3 inches of 1 x 1 ribbing last night during the game and frogged it all this morning at 6:30 am ... WAY to big !!!

In the meantime, I wound this deep, dark, raven colored STR into cakes...

Raven Yanr


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