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October 24, 2008

Isn't that a great word? It means two-end or twined knitting and is a wonderful old Scandinavian technique that sure makes a soft, warm, wind resistant hat (or anything else for that matter!)

Basic Twined Hat

Pattern: Basic Twined Hat by Lisa Ellis
Yarn: exactly 1 skein (about 4 feet left over) Crystal Palace "Taos" color #10 Hopi
Needles: US #9 circular 16"
Size: Adult (L)

Basic Twined Hat Cuff The cuff is twined in a rib stitch with one strand always in the front purling and one strand always in the back knitting. This makes a hollow tube that is toasty warm and resistant to wind. It kind of looks like a hemmed cuff in garter stitch, but is knit K1, P1.
Basic Twined Hat Inside From the inside you can see how every single stitch is twisted. You knit 1 stitch with the strand from outside the skein, then 1 stitch with the strand from inside the skein wrapping the new yarn over the old yarn which twists the yarns together - unlike regular fair isle knitting. The only problem with this method is that there is a lot of time spent doing THIS!
Basic Twined Hat Outside I love the look from the outside too. It is kind of an elongated stockinette stitch with one side of the V being more dominant than the other. A stretchy very warm way of knitting which is especially fun in this tweedy self striping yarn.

Here is what we were doing while everyone else was at Rhinebeck last weekend - Dave has the hat on - It also fits Connor and Cam, and is currently the most sought after hat in the house since it is soft, not itchy, warm and made in such beautiful fall colors.

Pat Dave

OK - now back to sock knitting....



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