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August 27, 2009
La Digitessa

They are beauties, but were not a "fun" knit for me - I'm not sure why - twisted stitches don't usually bother me, I love multiple charts, new construction techniques are always intriguing and challenging in a good way, the design itself is beautiful - but all I wanted to do was GET DONE with them!
One major problem (that I didn't reconcile until I had started the leg) is that Knit Picks wooden needles and hot humid summer days don't mix! The needles swelled up and became so sticky that I had difficulty knitting regular stockinette - forget twisted cables!!! When I switched to metal 2.5 on the leg, I couldn't believe how easy and slippery everything became - I don't know why I didn't try switching earlier - mental block I guess.

La Digitessa

Yarnissima is a master at making a design flow - everything is thought out and all the patterns fit together like a perfect sock puzzle. A new heel for me - also a new and VERY simple bind off (all you do is bind off in 1X1 rib with the yarn held double.) I kind of wish I had used a slightly thicker or fuzzier yarn since my socks are a bit "holey", but I like and will wear them well!

La Digitessa

Pattern: La Digitessa by Yarnissima
Yarn: 90 grams Lorna's Laces Sock in Lemon Ice
Needles: 2 socks on 1 40"needle (used 2.25 mm for foot and 2.5 mm for leg)
Notes: There were MANY simple errors on my charts (downloaded English version - not the kit) the right gusset has 24 errors and the left gusset has 2. Chart 5A, back of leg has 8 errors - I don't know if she has corrected these yet, but it was a real pain until I figured out what was wrong.

La Digitessa La Digitessa
La Digitessa

Since they are so pretty from every angle, I had to show a few more photos. (and people always ask....I take all my sock pictures with the self timer or by contorting my body into weird positions - Dave hates to take sock pictures, so I don't even ask him anymore :-)

I wonder what the neighbors think when I pull out my chairs and books (for balancing the camera) and make a spectacle of myself in the back yard - I act like it is a perfectly normal thing to do - no one has ever commented.

blue binding
Binding the scrappy blue stars quilt - How about those mums on the back!!

Fabric for the borders of the baby genius quilt - I love how this one is turning out!

This Zinnia (and many more) greeted me this morning - they stand at eye level!


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