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December 7, 2009
Blessed Thistle

We love artichokes - when I go to the store and ask the boys what I should get, they actually say "please get artichokes"...these are teenage boys!


So you can imagine how much fun it was to make these socks :-)

Blessed Thistle

Pattern: Blessed Thistle by Lisa Grossman Tsarina or Tsocks
Size: Medium
Needles: 2 tsocks on one 2.25 mm circular
Yarn: Jennifer's FlockSock in Artichoke and Melted Butter
Followed the pattern as written - so many creative ideas went into this sock design - the little stem leaves are worked right into the cuff - the "sort of a gusset" is formed by increasing then decreasing the lace leaves - and then to top it off...melted butter toes!

Blessed Thistle Blessed Thistle

My daughter Kate's 25th birthday was this week - I let her pick out anything she wants from "the knitting bin". This is what she chose (along with a preblogging Morehouse merino scarf) - she's got good taste!

Snowy Woods Reading Mittens Vilaii

I'm spinning beautiful muted colors of Targhee wool...I think it will become another pair of 2 ply socks and then I'll venture into 3 ply/Navajo ply and some thicker yarns. My current handspun socks in progress are wild and fun - They should be done by next week!


Targhee bobbin


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