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December 12, 2009
First Handspun Socks

Fat Cat Roving

I could never have guessed that the socks from this fiber would turn out like this...

Fat Cat Handspun Socks

Fat Cat Handspun Socks

Pattern: Cuff down over 60 stitches.
Yarn: 2.5 ounces (73 grams) of hand dyed Fat Cat Knits Merino. (November Mixed Blessings Fiber Club) Spun as 2 ply fingering weight - 17 WPI - yarn photos here.
Needles: 2 socks on one 2.25mm circular.

The "sort of matchy" striping on these socks was pure luck. I divided each roving in 8 lengthwise strips and spun the singles end to end on 2 bobbins then plied them - divided the yarn in half by weight and started knitting. Since I was knitting both together, it was so much fun to watch the stripes form, start to match, divert away and then match again. The reason I know it was a stroke of luck is that I tried to make some matching striped yarn for my next spinnig project and it's not even close!

They are soft, bright, beautiful and fit like a dream - The barber pole yarn turns into a tweedy trekkingesque sock look. At this point I feel like I could just knit handspun socks for the rest of my life and be happy - actually, that might not be true...I'm already thinking of sweaters, hats and mittens :-)

Since this is pure merino fiber, I added some nylon reinforcement yarn (that I forgot to use on Dave's socks) to the bottom of the heel, which is the only place my socks have ever worn out.

Fat Cat Handspun Socks

I still have 2.5 ounces of this fun yarn left! Maybe colorwork?



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