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February 22, 2009
Cables & Corrugations

Cables & Corrugations

Cat Bordhi sure knows what she's doing! The book is confusing when you just browse through it (as I've been doing for a year), but when I actually followed the directions, it all made perfect sense and I created a beautiful pair of socks that fit perfectly too! I was immediately drawn to the thickly braided cables, which is one of the reasons I chose this pair, but there is also a great benefit to the corrugations -they expand/contract vertically as needed so there is no bagging at the leg/instep turn. The cable crosses are on the exact same row as the arch increases, which makes the knitting process so easy~

Cables & Corrugations

Pattern: Cables & Corrugations by Cat Bordhi in New Pathways for Sock Knitters.
Yarn: 88 grams of sumptuous Woolen Rabbit Harmony Merino/Nylon in "Cherry Bomb"
Needles: 2 socks together on 1 2.25 mm 40" circular needle.
Size/Method: Whirlpool Toe, Riverbed Arch, Reinforced Heel, EZ sewn bind- off. (Reminder for self... Toe to 56 stitches, RPI=10, 9.25" foot length, for a 3.5" toe length. 65 stitches for leg. )

On the picture below you can see the arch expansion hidden beneath the sole - isn't that cool? I have a very high arch and the design of this sock makes it hug my foot so well! I also love that braid up the center back - LOVE IT!

Cables & Corrugations

I'm quilting on the weekends when work doesn't get in the way and I can dedicate some uninterrupted time - this quilt should be together and sandwiched this weekend, which only leaves the quilting....
Here is a link (Thank you to "Kate/Massachusetts" (are you in Ravelry, Kate??) who knows what I like and always provides me with excellent knitting and quilting inspiration!!!) to a free 6 month online subscription to the wonderful Australian quilting magazine "Down Under Quilts" - some great inspiration here!

Salt-Water Taffy Quilt

Acer is off the needles - all that is left is blocking and buttons - check out these rustic tree branch buttons from The Button Shop - They are Common Buckthorn buttons made from salvaged tree branches - all sanded and coated with beeswax - I think they will be perfect for Acer!

buttons Acer

I'm traveling to San Francisco/Napa with my daughter, Kate, (just the 2 of us - can't wait!) this week and won't be back until March 5, so you won't see Acer (or anything else!) until I get back. Hopefully there will be abundant airplane knitting time and some of these other socks will get finished - I MAY have to start a new pair too :-)


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