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January 22, 2009
Maimu's Mittens

A special pair of mittens - I'll keep these for myself :-)
Not only was it fun making them, but the finished mittens are warm and beautiful. This knitting experience continues my ongoing love of Nancy Bush's patterns - I haven't yet met one I didn't like!

Maimu's Mittens

Pattern: " Maimu's Mittens" from Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush
Yarn: 28 gm Mountain Colors Bearfoot -" Copper King Plum"(discontinued color), 46 gm Silja Strompegarn - gray heather, small amt Lorna's Laces Sport in "Harvest"
Needles: 40" circular - 2.5 mm for cuff and 2.75 mm for hand
Modifications: Errata on row 43 - 2nd stitch from right should be dark. I also added an extra row of gray between rows 14 and 15 on cuff. Changed the top shaping by using a two-wick decrease instead of half-wick for a more finished looking edge.

The picture in the book shows little flower nupps, but the chart diagram shows crosses - I really liked the flowers so rewrote the chart to match the picture.

Another photo of my favorite part of these mittens....

Maimu's Mittens

out in the bright sunshine and snow ...

Maimu's Mittens Maimu's Mittens

SO.....I frogged Irtfa'a! It 's a long story of indecision, but in a nutshell, I made a mistake on the cast on and just couldn't live with it. Every time I took out the shawl, I spent the 1st 20 minutes pulling and stretching the edge to see if it would smooth out with blocking - trying to convince myself - "oh don't worry Pat - it will be under your hair anyway". I couldn't persuade myself to keep going and (with great relief) finally ripped! (had only the last stitch pattern and edging to go)

Ripping Irtfa'a

Irtfa'a (above in her last photo) is being reincarnated.

Corvid Laci

Her beautiful BMFA Corvid Laci is now becoming...

Alpine Start

a rectangular shawl from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby called "Alpine Knit Scarf with double rose leaf center pattern and diamond border"(Ravelry pattern page) When I joined Ravelry in 2007, this was the 2nd project I queued - a gorgeous shawl! I am thoroughly enjoying this new morning coffee/breakfast knitting project.


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