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January 29, 2009
Spiral Socks and Spring Quilt

I've had a bag of bits and pieces of Koigu leftover from Charlotte's Web since 2004 and When SKA had their December leftover challenge, I decided it was time to use this yarn! What I should have realized is that the result of using 4 different variegated yarns in a spiral pattern, just makes 1 giant variegated yarn...Oh well - I think it made a pretty pair of socks and despite the tangled mess of knitting with 8 balls at the same time, it was fun!

Spiral Stashbuster Socks

Pattern: Stashbuster Spirals (sort of)
Yarn: Leftover Koigu KPPPM from Charlotte's Web
Needles: 2 socks on a 2.25 mm 40" circular
Modifications: I took the spiral stripes method described in this pattern and slid it into my own cuff down sock pattern.

Salt Water Taffy Cutting

I've been cutting beautiful batiks to remind me that spring really is coming! This lap quilt is going to be all color play with very simple blocks. After taking this picture, I've pulled out many more fabrics because I decided to make it 80 (5"X 4 1/2") blocks instead of 56 - will still be a lap quilt at about 40" X 50" - more on this when I get some blocks made.
Also on the quilting front - there is a new Ravelry type site for quilters called QuiltGroup - JUST starting and definitely in the fledgling stage. I got my invite about a week ago and haven't had time to explore, so can't give you any feedback yet...but the developers seem to be working hard to make a fun quilting community site.

Jitterbug Prize

Prize winnings!! I love random generators :-)
I won 2 Purple Passion skeins of Jitterbug from Linda of Yarnzilla and 2 of Kirsten's beautiful Through the Loops patterns, Joni and Gallus. How did I win this?? Just by completing my TTL Mystery socks during the TTL Ravelry Group KAL and being lucky enough to have the generator pick my #! Thank you Linda and Kirsten for a great KAL and such generous prizes!


and lastly....Dave wants a pair of heavy warm boot socks....I didn't want to make boring bland socks and told him if I could use the above bright gorgeous yarn, I'd do it - he said "YES". I'm excited that he is expanding his sock yarn horizons....if this appreciation of bright wild yarn keeps up, he will surely get more socks in the future!


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