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July 12, 2009
Daughter of the Regiment Tsocks

I am finding time to knit and quilt this summer, but blogging/reading blogs/Ravelry are are all falling by the wayside! I will try to at least get up some pictures of my projects throughout the summer, but the next few months are very full and weekly blogging might not commence again until fall :-)

Now here are some NOT everyday usual socks!

Daughter of the Regiment Socks

Designed by the Tsarina of Tsocks herself - they were inspired by Marie - Daughter of the 21st Regiment in the opera La Fille du Régiment. Starting from the toe up - there are boots with little laces, trousers, pleated skirt and and linen stitch military jacket with working brass buttons - My feet are dressed quite well, I must say! This is the 1st time I've ever had to button up my socks - I love it!

There were 2 rows on these socks that were the most difficult knitting I think I've ever done. I could not let my mind wander even a little - It was these 2 rows - the skirt hem - crazy knitting!!! Once I figured it out, it took forever to actually execute - but I sure felt like an accomplished knitter when those 2 rows were done!

Daughter of the Regiment Socks

Pattern: Daughter of the Regiment by Lisa Grossman - the 2nd Tsock Club kit for 2009
Yarn: Jennifer's Flock Sock yarn (gray/red) - overdyed by me for a deeper real red and leftover blue stash yarn.
Needles: 2.25 mm circular
I followed the pattern word for word - such an entertaining learning experience!


Our morning cereal is much more tasty at this time of year ~

Be back in a few weeks - My Andes Socks are almost done, the blue stars quilt is layered and waiting for it's machine quilting on the next rainy at home day....Hope all of you are having a great summer!


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