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October 28, 2009
Socks and Blocks

I've always been bad at titles, but this might be an all time low :-)

I've been waiting for Dave to be home when the sun is out so I could get a good picture of his new socks in action, but it's just not happening. If I want to keep this blog in "real time", I have to give up and post them without the benefit of Dave's feet - you'll have to take my word that they fit him perfectly - possibly the best fit ever!

Classic Socks

Pattern: Classic Socks by Kristin Spurkland from The Knitting Man(ual)
Yarn: 77 grams of Dream in Color Smooshy in Night Watch (my 1st knit with DIC - yes I'm a little behind the times with sock yarns - Great yarn....I'm a new fan.
Needles: 2 socks on 1 40" circular 2.25 mm needle
Size: 72 Stitches - rearranged stitches for symmetry at the heel flap/instep -down to 70 stitches on foot.
A super simple 4 row repeat on the legs and plain stockinette feet - Perfect man socks - He loves them!

If you ever get tired of knitting the same old socks - bored - not challenged anymore - I've got the answer for you - TSOCKS! There is something new to learn with every one of these unusual, creative, fun patterns. Here is the start of my artichoke socks - Blessed Thistle by Lisa Grossman ( link to her post about this sock pattern).

Blessed Thistle Kit Blessed Thistle Leg

The little stem leaves are knit right in - no need to attach, and the leaf lace pattern increases in size (just by eliminating a decrease) to form the "sort of" gusset/instep. I'm squishing these in between my other 2 pairs of socks/mittens/sweater, so they are not going fast, but they sure are fun.The heel structure is going to be new for me, so I'm waiting for some quiet alone time to work on them. Gotta love that little bit of butter for the toes!

Quilting is taking a back seat to knitting right now - something about the season I think. Here is the Block #1 and the fabric selection for Block #2 for Galactic Explosion . One block a month is about right for me at the moment.

Block 1 Fabric block 2



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