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October 14 , 2009
Tadpole's Quilt

No one in my family is anywhere near the baby stage, so thank goodness I have a wonderful blog friend who is having a baby this fall! I had so much fun making this baby quilt for Kelly's baby to be...Tadpole! Kelly (Celtic Cast On) and I have been friends since 2006 when we both jumped into the blogging world. It has been such a joy watching her young adult life blossom into being. I am so envious of her beautiful acreage in New Brunswick - I want to live THERE! Well now she is having her 1st baby and yahoooo - I got to make a baby quilt :-)

Tadpole's Baby Genius Quilt

Pattern: Designed by me - (cut blocks to 7" square - surrounded by 1 1/2" frames - 3/4" yellow border - 1/4" red border - 4" final border made with 1 1/2" strips - red binding - specifics for Kim who has the blocks and wanted to know what I did. )
Fabric: Baby Genius squares with bright stash scraps
Size: 40" X 50"
Method: Machine pieced and machine quilted (gentle curves with feed dog up)

For the backing I used very soft cuddly flannel....

Tadpole's Baby Genius Quilt

I hope Tadpole likes this quilt and I sure hope it's not too bright and wild (It's certainly not very restful or quiet) I don't want to be the cause of over stimulation!!

Wishing you and your new family the very best, Kelly and Moose - such a lucky baby to be born into so much love!

I'm off to Rhinebeck on Saturday with Linda and Marcy - If we split up the driving we will each have 4 hours of car knitting - which I need if I'm going to get any of these socks done! See you there???


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