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September 29, 2009
Red Fox Faces

When I found out that the SKA September Mystery Socks were going to be designed by Nancy Bush, I had to go for it! This pattern had so many of her wonderful features- including a lateral Vikkel braid, partial ribbing down the back of the leg, lovely lace, dutch heel with eye of the partridge flap and a toe I had never seen before (just like regular toe decreases, but with 3 points instead of 2) which fit my rounded toes perfectly. While knitting the lace pattern, it looks like little fox faces - hence the name.

Fox Faces

Pattern: Fox Faces by Nancy Bush (this pattern will be deleted from Ravelry in a few days, so if you're interested....get it now) - September SKA Mystery Sock
Yarn: 80 grams Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Cherry colorway
Needles: 2 socks on 1 circular 2.25 mm needle

Sorry - not the best photos, but I had to get them up quick to qualify for the red Solid Sock KAL for September :-)

Fox Faces Fox Faces

They were a little bright for the full sunshine - here is a non blinding photo....

Red Fox Faces

On the quilting front....I don't really like the final quilt for the Christmas Lights Mystery, so am not sure what to do with these blocks - I've tried other settings, but nothing seems to work - I may have learned a "mystery quilt" lesson :-)

So for now I'll make quilts that I know I'm going to like....

Block 1

Galactic Explosion BOM in the warm colors version!


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