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September 4 , 2009
Scrappy Blue Stars

Remember when I pulled out all my blue fabrics? Well they have finally been turned into a completed quilt! I used every blue fabric I own and ventured a little into the purples and aquas for sparkle.

Scrappy Bue Star Quilt

Pattern: None - scrappy 6" stars straight set with a border designed on Electric Quilt 6 by me - here is the EQ plan
Size: 54" X 66" - perfect cozy lap size!
Fabric: Tons of scrap basket blues/purples
Method: Machine pieced / machine quilted (straight lines and gentle curves with feed dog up)

Since I have not mastered the art of free motion quilting, it is always a challenge to figure out a quilting plan. I machine quilted with the feed dogs up using my built in walking foot - LOVE my Pfaff! The only marking needed was the 1st set of curves on the border - otherwise I used the block/star lines for reference and decided how to quilt as I went along, starting with the diagonal straight lines. For the border I used a dessert size plate and marked curves around the light triangles then followed them out every 1 1/4".

Close up blue stars

Close up border

and just in case you want more pictures.....

the boys

We have been absolutely engrossed in this spider's life cycle. She has been living in the Zinnias for several weeks. 1st thing every morning and then off and on throughout the day, I go out and just watch the spider happenings. 3 days ago she looked like this, happily gathering bees and flies in her web...

Yesterday morning she was all shriveled and looked exhausted to me. She is very protective of her new egg sac. I cannot believe all of that happened in one night!

egg sac

Today she is even more shriveled - Linda reminded me she is going to die after the babies are born :-(



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