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August 29,2010

These socks have been my ongoing summer project and at my slow knitting speed this summer, it has taken almost all 3 months to finish them - but it was worth it :-)

Istanbul socks

I didn't know there was a huge honkin' mistake until I took these pictures and now that is all I can see. The perfectionistic thing to do would be to make a little green duplicate stitch and no one would ever know, but I realize that I actually don't care and will leave them just how they are.

Istanbul Socks Istanbul Socks

Pattern: Istanbul by Robyn Gallimore
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock - less than one skein each natural and sage
Size: 72 stitches
Needles: 2 socks on one 40" circular 2.25mm needles
A few little changes - repeated rounds 1-24 on leg (not 1-25 as directions say - think this is an error) Adjusted stitch count so the sole would be symmetrical (K2 tog in middle of heel turn) and made start of round after the instep at the beginning of back needle so there would not be a jog.

Istanbul Socks Istanbul Socks

As always - I LOVE Robyn's patterns - never a boring moment with all the pattern changes and fun challenges.

I've done some sewing - only 2 more borders (one of which is 48 pieced stars) to go...

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