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February 21, 2010
Chevron Love

Without knowing it ahead of time, I made a pair of mittens that my kids think are pretty cool - my almost Rastafarian Chevron Love Mittens. The kit comes with 8 colors (20 grams each) and I opted to pull out 3 of the colors (pinks/red) leaving me with this 5 color repeat.

Chevron Love Mittens

Pattern: Chevron Love Mittens by Julia Vesper of Knitterly Things
Yarn: 62 grams Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport (Tulip Colorway using only 5 of the 8 colors) - there is enough yarn in the kit to make 2 pairs of mittens!
Needles: 2 mittens on 1 circular 40" US 3
Size: 8" circumference (60 stitches)
Modifications: I only did one thing differently than suggested - instead of carrying all the colors up the inside (or, heaven forbid, weaving in all the ends) -I just spit spliced at each color change - very easy to do with this 100% wool yarn!

Chevron Love Mittens

the fit is perfect!

Chevron Love Mittens

Cassidy is progressing - ready to shape the neck/shoulders...

Cassidy Progress

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