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October 1, 2010
Handspun Swedish Pole Mittens

When I got this pretty Fat Cat Knits Falkland Wool fiber in the mail, I dropped my other projects to spin and knit a quick pair of thick warm mittens.

Fat Cat Falkland Wool

Spun regular 3 ply - for heavy worsted weight yarn

Fat Cat Falkland Singles

100 yards/62 grams of each colorway

Falkland 3 ply Handspun

close ups - because I love looking at handspun yarn close up :)

Handspun Close up

Hanspun Close up

I actually couldn't quite imagine these 2 fibers coordinating and would have never thought to put them together in one project, but I decided to trust Ginny's color sense and go for glad I did!

Pole Pattern Mittens

I have had The Mitten Book since the 1980s and have made many mittens from it - Here is the only picture I have - most were knit pre-blog with no photos. The book provides beautiful charts and some very basic directions. For this pair the cuff is a 16 stitch repeat and the hand is a 6 stitch repeat, so I used 48 stitches with heavy worsted weight wool and got a perfect pair of adult size mittens.

Pole Pattern Mittens

Pattern: Pole Pattern from The Mitten Book
Yarn: 100 grams 3 ply handspun falkland wool dyed by Fat Cat Knits for Fall Mixed Blessing Club.
Needles: 2 mitts on 1 40" US size 6 (4mm) needle
Size: adult small 48 stitches around - 8 3/4" circumference

I definitely am focused on covering hands (instead of feet) right now - I have 3 other pairs of mittens/gloves in the making and lots more dancing around in my head! I'm currently spinning some pure cashmere for mitten linings - it is so soft that I can barely feel it going through my fingers - can't wait to put my hands in those mittens.



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