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September 17, 2010
Handspun Finn Hubby Socks

Finn Roving
Beautifully dyed Finn roving from Crown Mountain Farms

Finn Handspun
420 yards (105 grams) of fingering weight 3 ply yarn

Handspun Finn Socks

Somehow it took me almost 5 months to make these socks. Probably because they have been my "take along" project and I just haven't had a lot of take along opportunities. I promised Dave they would be done by hockey season (he wears hand knit socks for coaching) and luckily they are done in time for that.

Handspun Finn Socks

These are the first handspun socks I've made for Dave - he likes them :-)
I LOVE the subtle gorgeous color flow in these socks. Each time I pick them up, I just stare at them for awhile looking at the beautiful colors - One of the many joys of working with handspun yarn.

Pattern: winged it - 5X1 ribbing with EOP heel
Yarn: 3.1 ounces handspun 3 ply Finn in Peace of Mind from Crown Mountain Farms
Needles: 2 socks on 1 2.25mm circular needle
Size: Man size 8 - 72 stitches around

I added a bit of nylon reinforcement yarn in the heel just to be safe.

This might be the last picture in green grass until the spring, so I had to include it!

Handspun Finn Socks

Even though I only spun one little braid of fiber for Tour de Fleece, I was a random prize winner in the Ravelry FiberOptic Spinning Group and won a $100.00 gift certificate for anything in Kimber's Fiber Optic Shop. Now THAT is a generous prize!!! My plan is to slowly use this throughout the winter whenever I want a fun fiber package. Kimber's dyeing is spectacular (I still have 2 gorgeous braids to spin from the last club.) Check out Fiber Optic for a peek at all of her gorgeous stuff....I made these pretty green Hedera Socks with her Foot Notes sock yarn and can't wait to try the Foot Notes pencil roving.



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