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January 18, 2010
Sunshine Quilt #1 for 2011

Here is the 1st of my 11 in 2011 charity quilts for the Sunshine Quilt Guild who donate quilts to Wrap a Smile (Rotoplast is on a mission in Peru right now - there are some wonderful photo's and videos right here on their blog!) and Wrap Them in Love. My plan is to make 1 quilt each month and when there is a nice big pile, I will either bring them up to Wells, ME in person or send them out to OR depending on which group needs them most.


It won't be hard to make 1 each month because it is so much fun to play with these bright colors and just go a little wild and free in creating them. No pattern, just a simple design that I worked up on the spur of the moment. This little quilt is 35" X 44" and seemed like the perfect size to experiment on my friend's (Thank you Pat O !!!) mid arm quilting machine/frame. I just made swoopy swirls and hoped for the best - not perfect, but fun and so quick and easy. It took about 1/2 hour to quilt this once we got it situated on the frame - I may need one someday :-)


In progress....

120 crumb squares
120 3" crumb blocks made - 60 to go and then I have to figure out what to do with all of them. Love this project!

RRBC border
Working on the border of Roll Roll Cotton Boll - a fun pieced border using the scrappy parallelograms.
Bali Skies 4
Block #4 of large and mini version of Stars Over Bali Skies.
Galactic Explosion Binding
Finally sewing on the binding of this one ....

And for you knitters who are about to delete me from your blog readers (which I would totally understand!) I have pulled out these mittens (recycled photo) and decided to finish the linings for Ravelry's NaKniMitMo - My tendonitis is being very stubborn and not getting better despite all treatment, but I have rationalized that it is also irritating to these tendons to empty the dishwasher/cut food/make the bed/iron clothes/work on the computer/tie shoes/etc etc etc, so I can certainly knit a tiny bit once in awhile. One lining is done, so with a few rows/day this one should also be done by the end of January and I'll have a completed project :)

Magnificent Mitten Liners

If you have comments or questions or want to contact me for any reason, just email or contact me on Ravelry . Thanks :)


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