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January 28, 2012
Handspun Magnificent Mittens 4-3

Knitting Anna Zilboorg mittens is such a joy filled experience! For this pair I limited myself to the colors in November's Fat Cat Knits Mixed Blessing club fiber - quite a challenge since these are not my "normal" colors - but I LOVE these mittens! Nothing beats the wonderful gauntlet cuffs for keeping the cold off wrists/arms and warm wooly handspun merino liners were the icing on the cake.

Handspun Magnificent Mittens

Started with beautiful fiber from FatCatKnits - she included one braid of natural mixed BFL and one braid of handpainted mixed BFL (I added an extra of the handpainted which is not pictured here)

Mixed BFL

I opted to divide the handpainted fiber into separate colors and then spun a regular 3 ply worsted weight yarn.

Handspun Mixed BFL

Richard Merino Fleece Hand Combed Merino
Handspun Merino
I then decided to wash, comb and spin some beautiful pure merino fleece from "Richard" the sheep (bought from Karen Storay - also sells on ebay as zkarenartisit) to make soft warm liners. 48 grams of hand combed fiber made 228 yards of 2 ply yarn - absolutely the most "alive" yarn I ever ever made - it feels like it has elastic in it - so stretchy! I made everyone in my family and all my knitting friends feel it because it was so unlike any yarn I've ever experienced.

Mitten Liners

here are the finished liners for the warmest soft hand hugging mittens EVER!

Pattern: Magnificent Mittens 4-3 by Anna Zilboorg
Yarn:FatCatKnits Handspun Mixed BFL (58 grams Natural/ 114 grams handpainted) and handcombed/handspun natural "Richard" Merino (24 grams)
Needles: US #4 for outside mitten and US#5 for liner
Size: 54 stitches around for Medium Adult mittens
I chose to make an extra repeat on the main mitten before the thumb (mitten worked top down) for extra finger wiggle space. Knit lining over 40 stitches.

Handspun Magnificent Mittens

Now on to something other than mittens!

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