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January 12, 2012
More Mittens

Definitely on a mitten roll!
This pair is unbelievably soft and warm and with that beautiful alpaca fuzz halo and the sheen of silk, the yarn couldn't be any prettier!

Silver Heathered Alpaca Silk Mittens

Silver Heathered Alpaca Silk Fiber

From this beautiful Fat Cat Knits Silver Heathered Alpaca/ Tussah Silk blend...

Silver Heathered Alpaca Silk Yarn

I spun some 2 ply worsted weight yarn - 110 fluffy silky yards each color.

Silver Heathered Alpaca Silk Mittens

Pattern: #19 from Knitting Marvelous Mittens Ethnic Designs from Russia by Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Handspun 70% Silver Heathered Alpaca/ 30% Tussah Silk hand-dyed by Fat Cat Knits - Summer 2010 Mixed Blessing Club fiber. 2 ply worsted weight - 110 yards each colorway.
Needles: 2 mittens on 1 40" circular US 5 needle
Size: 48 stitches around - Adult Medium - Followed chart for child's small but used bigger yarn/needles.
in addition to size mod, also started one row lower than beginning of chart for a more finished starting edge. Reversed the edge stripe coloring to outline the diamonds and changed the cuff pattern to a 2 stitch wide stripe.

Silver Heathered Alpaca Silk Mittens

Not simple taking self portrait of mittens while wearing them!

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