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June 30, 2012
Tour De Fleece

Very quick (mostly pictures)post - The Tour de Fleece starts today and here are my plans...

I want to use this time to spin enough for a sweater, but I didn't have enough of any one fiber, so I mixed and matched ingredients to put through the drum carder and created 20 1 ounce battlings :))

Here are the base ingredients:

FatCatKnits corriedale fleece, my own hand combed corriedale fleece, FatCatKnits Falkland wool in Lavendal, FatCat Batts (Romney, bfl, falkland, mohair, firestar)

fleece batts
fleece falkland

To which I added Merino, BFL, Polworth, Louet 50/50 Cashmere/Silk, Bast Bamboo, 50/50 ASU merino/silk, and BMH Magenta Silk. Here are the ingredients for each little batt.


all divided into 1 ounce baggies

batt ingredients

drum carded battlings ready to spin...

battlings battlings
battling battling

I will only spin 1-2 ounces/day and should easily have this spun by the end of the tour - maybe even have time to sneak in some other fun spinning!


Gotta go spin my ounce for today because we are headed to Manchester this afternoon to see James Taylor tonight :))

If you have comments or questions or want to contact me for any reason, just email or contact me on Ravelry. Thanks :)


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