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March 14, 2012
Romeo and Juliet Woven Scarf

Well, considering I completely messed up and didn't use my loom correctly (had the down heddle positioned in the wrong place so had to have warp very loose to accomodate - oooops ....NO WONDER I was having trouble!), I still love my 1st handwoven scarf :)

Try to disregard the under neck wrinkles - yikes!

handwoven handspun scarf

Fiber is Fat Cat Knits Falkland Wool in Romeo and Juliet colorway. I spun each bump separately into a fingering weight regular 3 ply...the plan was socks, but the day I finished spinning, my loom arrived and I had to weave it instead - I have enough socks anyway :)
Each skein is 67 grams/ 230 yards

handspun handwoven scarf

Yarn: Fat Cat Knits Handspun Falkland Wool - 3 ply fingering weight. 67 grams Romeo for warp and 60 grams Juliet for weft
Size: 9" X 58" without fringe (which is 3 1/2" each side)
Warp and Weft Specifications:
10 dent rigid heddle
Sett:10 ends/inch
Weaving width: 9.5"
Picks: 10 ppi
Warp Length: 82"
Warp Ends: 96

Finishing: hemstitched ends (3 per stitch) - 3 1/2" fringe

I attempted a balanced weave so both Romeo and Juliet would show up (they are now entwined forever - I like my ending to the story better than the real version)

In the picture below you can see the hemstitching which I think makes a nice flat edging for this drapey scarf. I'm not a big fringe lover so cut this down to 3 1/2". The scarf is beautiful despite my VERY steep learning curve. The fabric is wonderful!

scarf hem

handwoven handspun scarf

My 2nd project is on the loom - a one skein scarf with yarn (Misti Alpaca) chosen by my daughter. It is already SO much easier since I'm using the loom correctly - that helps a lot! My selvedges are much improved and the weave is flatter and straighter. I think weaving is going to end up being colorplay for me - I'm more excited about color possibilities than I am about texture choices.

If you have comments or questions or want to contact me for any reason, just email or contact me on Ravelry . Thanks :)

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