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May 1, 2012
Rose Wreath Mittens

When I received this combination of fiber as my Mixed Blessings from Fat Cat Knits, I had no clue what to do with it....I just couldn't see the 2 fibers as companions and was frightened by the yellow/pink "peeps" colored braid, but I decided to trust Ginny and just go for it ...

Polworth Fiber

and I'm glad I did!
340 yards of regular 3 ply sport weight yarn

Polwarth Yarn

Perfect for knitting these mittens

Handspun Rose Wreath Mittens

Pattern: "Rose Wreath Mittens" from The Mitten Book
Yarn: 117 grams of Handspun Polworth in Sid and Nancy colorway dyed by FatCatKnits
Needles: c/o with 3.25 mm then changed to 2.75 mm for the cuff, 3.25 mm for hand, and 3.75 mm for liner
Size: outer mitten 60 stitches (8 3/4" circumference) / liner 40 stitches (picked up 60 then decreased on 1st round - K1, K2tog)

cuff to tip is 10"

Handspun Rose Wreath Mittens
Handspun Rose Wreath Mittens

I was on vacation at the Cape and finished the outer mittens before I expected too - I had planned on making alpaca liners, but had not brought the yarn along with me, so all I had for extra yarn was the remainder of my handspun (mostly pink/yellow Nancy) - I'm so glad I didn't have the alpaca because I LOVE my resourceful scrappy handspun polworth liners!

Handspun Rose Wreath Mittens

and I like that the thickness of the liner poofs out the hand so the cuff is inset.

Handspun Rose Wreath Mittens

they are soooo warm and fit me perfectly - I think this will be my go to pair next winter!

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