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April 2, 2013
More Handspun Weaving

Such a quick way to use handspun - and I have LOTS of that!


Started with this beautiful Merino/Silk/Bamboo from FatCatKnits from her fall 2012 Greek Myths Fiber Club - Arachne "Pride and Humility"

merino silk bamboo

Decided to spin a 2 ply since that is supposed to be better for weaving than 3 ply. I realize I really like the look of a nice round 3 ply much better, although that is why it is supposedly not as good for weaving - from what I've read by the weaving experts, the undulated surface of 2 ply "locks" better when woven. I just spun each bump then plied them together.

2 ply handspun

This luxurious fiber turned into such a soft warm beautiful scarf. I love how the colors played out both on the warp and weft. A distinct striping vertically and soft muted wider striping horizontally - so pretty. This one will be MINE :)



Yarn: Fat Cat Knits Handspun merino, bamboo, silk -2 ply sportish/dk weight. 68 grams for warp/50 grams for weft.
Size: 7.5" X 71"
Warp and Weft Specifications:
8 dent rigid heddle
Sett:8 ends/inch
Picks: 8 ppi
Warp Length: 83"
Warp Ends: 69
Finishing: hemstitched ends (3 per stitch) - 2" fringescarf

It was on 27 degrees this morning - perfect for my new scarf - zero itch factor - I think I will make all my scarves with this fiber blend!

scarf on

Walls framed - since this picture I have moved it to it's permanent spot on concrete piers in the backyard. Roof next.... Pat's Knitting and Quilting and Carpentry :)

coop frame

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