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December 6, 2013
Handspun Fairy Snowcap

I joined Romi's Great Oddments Knitdown since I certainly have plenty of oddments! 1st up is a Fairy Snowcap - this hat only took me 2 days to knit (working very sporadically) - instant gratification!

Fairy Snowcap

I had spun yarn from this batt pack from FatCatKnits (actually I think this one was from her Etsy Shop (added honey tussah silk and wool/mohair of my own to extend it a bit) in July and it was just sitting there waiting for the perfect pattern.

batt pack


Very versatile - When it's cold, I can pull it way down....

Fairy Snowcap

When warmer, it can be a slouchy hat

Fairy Snowcap

Pattern: Fairy Snowcap by Rosemary Hill
Yarn: 2.2 ounces (64 grams) - approx 126 yards of handspun from homemade batt - 3 ply worsted weight.
Needles: US 4 circular
Size: adult
Mods: None - followed this exceptionally detailed pattern to the T!
Learned a few new techniques too - I'd never done a belly-button center-start cast-on and also learned a new bind off - Sewn Kitchener bind-off in the round - perfect stretchy edging for the ribbed cuff - pattern included a tutorial for this technique.

Only 126 yards including the pompom - perfect for leftovers!

Fairy Snowcap

and last, a view from the top...

Fairy Snowcap

Hi Gloria :)


Up next - A SWEATER! What? Me? A sweater?

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