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June 29, 2013
Sugared Beets Mittens

Pattern 4-5 has always been one of my favorites in Magnificent Mittens, but I knew I didn't want to use 2 solid colors. Along came a beautiful skein of handspun falkland wool - Sugared Beets...perfect!

sugared beets mittens

falkland sugared beets falkland sugared beets

My original plan was to use this fiber for a very cool Sea Lettuce scarf and I actually started - this is as far as I got before deciding that even though it was pretty, I probably wouldn't wear it - frogged without too much regret -new yarn for mittens :)

sugared beets mittens

Pattern: Magnificent Mittens 4-5 by Anna Zilboorg (Ravelry Pattern Link)
Yarn: 107 grams (284 yards) of FatCatKnits Falkland wool in Sugared Beets colorway - I had 113 grams total so used most of it up. (Divided fiber into 6 lengthwise strips - singles spun end to end then chain plied)
Morehouse Merino 2 strand in Oatmeal for contrast color
Needles: Yikes - I forgot to write it down and I've already put the needles away - I think I used US size 5, but not positive - could have been US 4 - 40" circular
Size: 13 1/2" cuff to tip - 9" circumference
Mods:I changed the cuff pattern divider rows to the ones used in mitten 6-5 just because I like them better.

Magnificent Mittens are knit from the top down for a perfect fit and there isn't a chance you'll get bored with all the fun pattern changes along the way - this is my 3rd pair from the book and there will be more. I LOVE the giant cuffs which cover even the biggest puffiest jacket sleeves - no snow getting in and no cold wrists, that's for sure!

I had enough yarn to make pretty linings too - wow are these ever warm!

sugared beets mittens

Taking pictures by myself, so could only manage 1 handed shots.

sugared beets mittens

and on another note...
Pearl is happy when I come to visit in the morning :)

Pearl in the Morning

They like to help me spin by jumping on the treadle next to my feet or jumping in my lap to check out the fiber.

spinning help

All 7 chicks resting peacefully after a big day of hunting and gathering (7 weeks old)

resting chickens

stir fry tonight :)

peas and broccoli

Tour De Fleece starts tomorrow, so I'll be busy spinning until July 21 - will try to get a post or 2 in during the tour, but life is full here in the summer, so who knows?

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