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October 1, 2013
Turkish Rose Glittens

My son's best friend wore these mittens last winter while playing pond hockey and asked me if I would make him a pair. I usually don't knit on request (I tend to knit whatever I want and then let people pick from the pile), but how could I refuse a 16 year old boy! So I squeezed them in just before this winter.

Turkish Rose Glittens

Anthony picked the yarn and the pattern and I turned them into Glittens using Kathy's wonderful "turn any mittens into glittens" pattern - Mittens + Gloves = Glittens. Ravelry link here. Warm wonderful versatile mittens - I think I need to make a pair for me :)

and now from all angles with my pretty fall blueberry bushes in the background.





The pictures show it all - if you need your fingers the top flips back and inside are nice partial gloves. Kathy's pattern insures there are no sneaky places for snow, cold, or wind to get in. The flap comes down nice and low on the palm with a snug wide overlap. I've made Turkish Rose before, but just as regular mittens.

Pattern: Turkish Rose Mittens by Cap Cease and Mittens + Gloves = Glittens by Kathy Kochran.
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Wool in Garnet 620 and Tan 208 - 124 grams
Needles: 40"circular 2.75 for cuff and inner glove and 3.25 for outer mitten
Size: Men's small - 58 stitches around for a 9" circumference and 11" from cuff to tip
Mods: the only change I made was to start and stop on different rows than shown in Turkish Rose Chart.


Finished just in time to start Rose Hiver's Mystery Mittens today - Quaternity - the 1st clue looks wonderful - The cuff's have a picot edge, beautiful star colorwork pattern and Latvian Braids - what could be better??

On the chicken front - we got our 1st blue egg today - thank you Anastasia :)

Blue Egg

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