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Batik 16 Patch Quilt

I decided to organize my 2 big bins of Bali/Batik fabric - what a feast for the eyes! While going through all of this beautiful fabric, I cut 2 1/4" strips (because that was the size that would work for all my scraps) of blue, green, purples and a few orange/pinks, I wasn't sure of a plan yet, but started matching them up - decision made - A scrappy 16 patch!

16 patch

I loved everything about this project - Each 16 patch square gave me the satisfaction of making a little quilt. I realize what I love most about quilting is color, so a simple pattern in beautiful colors is a joy for me to make.

scrappy batik 16 patch

Pattern:My own rendition of a 16 patch block
Size: 49" X 63" - after washing and quilting 46" X 60"
Fabric: Mixed Bali/Batik from scrap bins and stash
Method: Machine pieced/Machine quilted with gentle curves

Each tiny square was 1 3/4" finished - each big block was 7" finished

2 extras ended up on the back :)

bali batik scrappy 16 patch quilt

a close up of the gentle curved quilting

gentle curved quilting

bali batik 16 patch quilt

and here it is hanging in our eating area tonight - poor lighting, but you get the idea

bali batik scrappy 16 patch quilt

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