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January 29, 2007
Meet Sven

About 18 years ago in a previous knitting phase, I found Cottage Creations booklets and made many of their patterns (Wonderful Wallaby 4 times!) One of the little booklets was called "Sven Scandinavian, a Knitted Friend" I made SVEN and here he is still in good shape after all these years.


A companion Big Sven Sveater (people size) pattern came next. I bought the booklet, but never made the Scandinavian yoke pattern. I found it last week while organizing patterns and decided that I will make it as my next Dulaan Sweater. Immediately I dug through ancient stash and found some great Briggs and Little warm wool yarn to make the Big Sven Sweater...

Big Sven Begins

I am Danish , so I love to read the stories in Cottage Creations patterns.....

In Denmark during the 19th century, knitting was very common - nearly everyone could knit and people did it while they were walking, talking, teaching etc...

" A teacher often knit while teaching, but if he had to write on the blackboard--he gave his needlework to one of the students so the work could continue--no time should be wasted!"

One Danish woman could knit, spin, rock her child, make butter, read the newspaper and eat at the same time -- "She held the yarn between a couple of fingers while knitting, she turned the spinning wheel with one foot, and the other foot had a string to the cradle which she could keep rocking by swinging her leg backwards and forward. The cream for making butter was in a jar in the cradle; the rocking movement shook the cream into butter. All of this happened automatically, so she could use her eyes for reading the newspaper which lay on the table next to her food. She could take a bite of food now and then and accomplish eating, too!

and I think I'm cool because I can knit and read at the same time!

There is more history, recipes, stories and many great knitting tips too, as well as the (in the round, no sewing) yoke sweater pattern in sizes 2 through adult XL.


January 25, 2007
Fun with Noro



Pattern: Argosy from Knitty/ Winter 2006 issue - designed by Vyvyan.
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite(color 2017) exactly 2 skeins
Needles: US 6 (4mm)
Size: 6" X 68"

I have been known to be quite obsessive about making my Noro yarn symetrical...see this sweater from several years ago ...note that the sleeve stripes are the same width as the body stripes......which meant MUCH spit splicing! Well this scarf turned out perfect with almost no intervention by me. I just started from opposite ends of the balls and fixed a few knots and tah dah.....symetrical scarf! Argosy is an easily memorized pattern that moves along quickly (especially when you want to see what the next color will look like!) and to those that witnessed my conflict....yes - I left in the green.

The Evelyn A. Clark KAL has chosen Swallowtail Shawl (IK Fall 2006 issue) as the next group project. I have some beautiful Peruvian Baby Silk in Aubergine in my stash, so I decided to dive in and go for it. I love starting a new lace project....figuring it all out.... and I think this Baby Silk is the softest yarn I have ever felt slip through my fingers.


January 22, 2007
Wearing Purple Vintage Socks

I'm guessing the first pair made in 1899 weren't purple??

Vintage Shell Socks

Pattern: "Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern" from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: KnitPicks "Gloss" Merino/Silk in Concord Grape
Needles: 2 socks together on 2 circular 2.25 mm

I followed the pattern except for minor changes....used SSK for left decreases and made the heel flap a little deeper (30 rows instead of 26)This is my second pair of socks using "Gloss" ....I have been wearing the first pair regularly and they are holding up well (I was concerned that they might wear out quickly with only merino and silk.....nothing for reinforcement). These are just as soft, comfortable and pretty as the first - I love the swirls!

Finished in plenty of time for the Vintage Sock KAL January Challenge!
Most likely, my last pair for SAM2 (I did get at least a pair/month done this time around), but I just signed up for SAM3..... so there will be more socks in the next 6 months!


January 18, 2007
Action Shots

Here is what I've been doing.....

tweed sweater


shell socks

Haven't finished anything.


January 15, 2007
Forest Canopy is Done...Now I'm Hooked on Argosy

Knitting this shawl was thoroughly enjoyable and I love the finished product - a simple, beautiful shoulder shawl that I am wearing right now while blogging on this cold, rainy, Massachusetts morning. Due to the dreary weather, these photos are quite poor.The modeled picture is closest to true is definitely not as pink as that one on the lower right. Click to see pre-blocking (look at that grass - January in MA?)and blocking pictures if you are interested.

Forest Canopy

Don't forget that you can click on the pictures to enlarge

Pattern: Forest Canopy Shawl by Susan Pierce Lawrence - a superb, explicit pattern
Yarn: 1 skein Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool Quarters in "Canyon" colorway (I ALMOST went for an extra repeat, but opted not to ....I had 19 grams leftover ...could I have gotten another repeat??? I'll never know)
Needles: Denise circular - size 8
Size: 52" across by 23 " down - exactly the size of Susan's sample

Forest Canopy Forest Canopy

on to my new obsession.....

Inspired by Laura at Sugar Bunny Blvd. (She is doing it in her own handspun!)This is the beginning of Argosy from the latest issue of Knitty. I started it last night and I don't want to stop (even though I SHOULD be working on a certain pair of socks and a tweed sweater) I'm using Noro Silk Garden Lite in color 2017 and it is FUN. The pattern is an easily memorized 8 row repeat - perfect for take along! The yarn had a bunch of knots in it (as is usual for Noro in my experience) , so I have played around with the 2 skeins trying to make them at least similar.....we'll see.



January 11, 2007
Cozy in Cables

Thank you Marguerite for such a well planned, beautifully written, easy, and fun pattern. This is the perfect Dulaan Project sweater - it is quick to make, very warm, and so pretty with the cables and seed stitch. I can just feel it keeping a child warm!

Cozy in Cables
Please disregard the foot in the corner - this was the only picture that turned out true to color

Pattern: Cozy in Cables Toddler Sweater Pattern by Marguerite at Stitches of Violet
Yarn : Double Stranded Briggs and Little Heritage Dark Maroon - talk about stash yarn...I've had this for 16 years (bought before the B&L fire)
Needles: US 10.5 circular (2 circulars for the sleeves) 3 stitches/inch
I followed this pattern exactly as written.

Child's First Socks in Shell Pattern
The Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern socks from Vintage Knits are progressing nicely....I just finished the legs today and will start the heels tonight - If all goes as planned they should be finished by the Jan 31st deadline for the Vintage Sock KAL challenge without too much trouble (though there are other knits pulling at me strongly!)

I won't bore the uninterested with pictures, but I made another Fun Fur hat for Kate's Children's Hospital Boston hat knitting extravaganza. Ok if you insist....Here is the new hat! I love it.


January 8, 2007
Cozy Under the Forest Canopy in Fun Fur

Forest Canopy Shawl
I could not resist the "one skein" lure. Not when I actually had one skein of Weaver's Wool Quarters. Here is the beginning of the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl in "Canyon" colorway. The lace pattern is so simple that this has become my "take along" project. After only a few repeats, I have it down. Oh, and the Weaver's Wool is soft and lovely - a nice change from the HEAVY doubled Briggs and Little wool.
Cozy in Cables

Cozy in Cables is an adorable sweater - I've decided I want my Dulaan projects to be fun knits - not JUST quick. I want to enjoy the process - that's not to say a quick hat isn't very enjoyable once in a while.
I just picked up for the 1st sleeve - it shouldn't be long now and with this sweater, when it is done - it is seaming or sewing.

I have always secretly wanted to knit with Fun Fur....come on, you know you have too! What better reason than this. All hats will go to Children's Hospital Boston ...For all the information (rules, dates, address, patterns) visit Minestrone Soup.
I knit this one in the car on the way to and from visiting my Father-in-law in the hospital yesterday.It took only about an hour...I've got a cool pinkish skein on deck.
(Thanks for the head Kate - she is lovely!)

56 stitches on 16" 5.5mm


January 4, 2007
Lusekofte Cap and a Little Startitis

The Lusekofte Cap is a great knit - the fun of Norwegian motifs on a nice small project! The pattern begins with a k1,p1 cast on, which for some reason I've never done before (it makes a nice stretchy ribby edge) and ends with a tassel attached with a lanyard braid.

Lusekofte Cap

Pattern: Lusekofte Cap from Hats On by Charlene Schurch (my current favorite hat book!) I followed the pattern exactly as written - perfect charts
Size: Large (20") While I was knitting it looked too big, but gauge was right on and it turned out to be a perfect fit.
Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes - 50 g hollyberry/ 32 g Snickerdoodle (that' s $3.98 for a warm pretty wool hat!)
Needles: 16" US size 6 circular (followed by 2 circulars for the crown)

One more completed project for The Stranded Colorwork KAL .
Here are 2 willing models......I guess it will be a "family hat"

Lusefofte on Cam Lusekofte Dave

and on to a few more projects.....

Cozy in Cables
My next Dulaan project is Cozy in Cables. A WONDERFUL pattern by the talented Marguerite (One piece in the round - no seams and beautiful too!).This little sweater knits up so fast . I'm using Briggs and Little Heritage yarn double stranded with US 10 1/2 needles...It is going to be a WARM sweater.
Shell Pattern Sock
I also started my Vintage Sock KAL project for January. They are "Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern" from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I'm using KnitPicks "Gloss" is Concord Grape and is it ever PURPLE!


January 1, 2007
First FO of 2007... Austrian Diamond Socks

Kitchenered at breakfast this morning ! Yahoo!

Austrian Diamond Socks

Austrian Diamond Socks
side view

Austrian Diamond Socks
front/back view

Pattern: Austrian Diamonds by Candace Eisner Strick from Knitter's Fall 2006 issue. I did not make any changes to this perfect pattern.
Yarn: KnitPicks Essential - color Coral. I used 2 50 gram balls and had 30 grams left over!
Needles: 2 socks on 1 35" Crystal Palace bamboo 2.25 mm

I Love these socks and am keeping them for myself. Look what I can do with my new camera!!!! A few more pictures, just because I couldn't decide which ones to put up.


It was perfect timing finishing these socks today because this is the 1st day of the Vintage Socks KAL January Challenge and I need to get going on those right away. I am knitting Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern with KnitPicks Gloss in "Concord Grape" and have every intention of finishing them by the end of the month.

Winding the balls and ready to go...

I had to show off my brand new swift - I've been using my trusty ball winder without one for over a year .... THIS IS GREAT!!

Oh and as for Knit From Your Stash 2007 - I'm in- which should not be a problem AT ALL!


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