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October 29, 2006
Austermann Step Socks On Their Intended Feet

Knitting these socks was so enjoyable. The yarn is soft from the aloe vera and jojoba oil, yet still nice and wooly. I used my regular sock pattern and sized it up a bit for Dave. I drove him crazy as I made him try them on every few rows to get the toes just right......they fit perfectly! The plan is that these will be his hockey coaching socks - toasty warm for those cold rinks.

Austermann Step Austermann Step

Pattern: My Own - cuff down on 68 stitches
Yarn: Austermann Step (color 04)
Needles: US 1 (2.25mm) 2 socks on 2 circular

These are most likely my last pair of socks for Octoberfest....I just turned the heel on the Traveler's Stockings...(They are really pretty socks!)


October 26, 2006
Socks So Far...

I really wanted to post a cool socks picture like Aimee - I LOVE her "wash day" photo! but alas I am not a great photographer and this is the best I could do. This is a picture of all the socks that I have made that I still have.... Missing from this picture are a whole bunch of Wisconsin Winter Socks which I made as gifts 15 years ago. After that run, I didn't knit socks again until a few years ago and this is what I've made since then (minus some gifted socks) .

socks outside socks inside
click photo to enlarge

I have tried many sock yarns and have many more to try. On the right hand photo from front going left to right are...
1st row: Lorna's Laces, KnitPicks Simple Stripes, Regia 4 ply, Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Regia Jacquard
2nd Row: Trekking XXL, Regia Silk, Elann Essential 4 ply, Blackberry Ridge Wool, Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Mtn. Colors Bearfoot
3rd Row:Brown Sheep Wildfoote, Sockotta, Lana Grossa Meilenweit , Joslyn's Sheeps Gift, Cascade Fixation

Has this distracted you from the fact that I have, so far, only completed one pair of socks for Socktoberfest? I have the distinct possibility of finishing the Austermann Step socks in the next week, but I don't know if the Traveler's Stockings are going to make it this month. I'm working on it!

Here is Cam working on his own mittens. He picked out the yarn (Plymouth Galway) last week and started right away...using Penny Straker's Basic Mitten Pattern .

Cam Knitting



October 23, 2006

Little Aran Jumper

About 6 years ago I went through a non-knitting phase and decided to clean out and donate a bunch of knitting books to the library. OF COURSE I started knitting again as I always do and now I have to go to the library to get some of my books.....
This book is one of them and it is not available anywhere on the planet that I can find. It is an Australian book that I got at a yarn store about 10 years ago. Thank goodness I donated it to the library instead of selling or giving it away because now I can go back and get it when I want to. Which is exactly what I did this summer. I made the "Aran Jumper" and have had it completed for several months, but did not get the buttons on the shoulder band until a few days ago. I haven't blocked it and I don't think I will bother. An adorable sweater for I don't know who yet.

aran jumper

Pattern: Aran Jumper from "Knits for Kids and Teddies Too" designed by the Australian Country Spinners
Size: 1 year
Yarn: DK Wool (I don't recall the brand - I had wound it into 3 big balls at some point in the past)
Needles: 4mm straights

I have one more tiny sweater almost done...A Mission Falls Cotton Cardigan. I have woven in the ends and it just needs to be sewn together and edged which is NOT my favorite part of knitting.

mission falls


October 19 , 2006

Slowly But Surely

I haven't completed anything, but I am diligently working on my current projects.

Socktoberfest progress......
The Traveler's Stockings are coming along - I have almost finished the cuff (5 more rows to go) then the pace should pick up. Those traveling stitches are a bit slow. The KnitPicks circulars are working beautifully for moving the stitches around. I realized when I put this picture up that you can only see one side - the other side of the cuff has a different pattern.

traveler's stockings

Dave's basic socks (Austermann Step) with the soothing Aloe and Jojoba Oil in them are moving along at a little faster pace. I only work on them while out and about. Most of the progress on these has been while waiting for Cam at karate class and while in the PT waiting room - amazing what can get done in those little bits of time here and there!

austermann step socks

The Sweater.....
I need to just concentrate on this for awhile and GET IT DONE! Maybe after socktoberfest. I HAVE worked on it. The back and 2 fronts are completely done. Here is the back.

Must Have Cardigan

If you look real closely the last smaller cable on the upper left side is backward. I noticed this mistake when I spread it out for this picture- I frogged and re-knit and now it is perfect. Right now I am working on the sleeve tops and hoping they are going to match the sleeve holes. I love this sweater and can't wait to wear it - hopefully soon!

I just got buttons for an adorable baby sweater I knit a few months back - I'll take a picture when I get them on....That's all for now.


October 15, 2006

I Have Warm Hands

Now these were fun to knit!
The bright colors are beautiful - the wool is soft and warm. I had almost no ends to weave in, despite the frequent color changes, because I used my very favorite technique....spit splicing . I would not have knit these mittens if I did not know about spit splicing......I dislike weaving in ends and avoid it unless absolutely necessary. (there would have been about 90+ ends to weave in!) I went back and forth knitting both mittens together. The rule was I had to "catch up" with the 2nd mitten before going to the next color on the 1st. It worked well and I finished them together.

raihnbow mittens rainbow mittens rainbow mittens

Pattern: Rainbow Mittens by Lucy Neatby (Kit available at Shelridge Farms)
Yarn: Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Pure Wool DK weight(navy, cherry, peach, goldenrod,spring green bluebell, lilac, iris)
Needles: started out with 2 circular 3.75 mm......part way through changed to 5 double pointed needles 3.75mm.
Size: Medium - 8" (and my gauge was spot on - despite the fact that I did not check gauge prior to knitting

Here's what the boys are working on.


October 12, 2006
My Sock Stash

Here is the state of my sock stash....Lolly of Socktoberfest suggested a sock stash flash

sock stash
Stuffed in the bin
sock stash
Spread out a bit (22 pairs of socks to be )

I didn't know I had so much BLUE until I spread it out. I am currently on a complete yarn diet so am exclusively using stash sock yarn for all sock projects. Originally my plan was to use up ALL stash sock yarn before buying anymore. I may alter the plan a little ......use up at least enough to make room in the sock bin for more. At the minimum, I don't want to spill into another bin. Whenever I get to buy more it WON'T be BLUE .
sock stash leftovers
And then there are the leftovers from previous sock making . What to do with these ??? I can't throw them out - it's such pretty yarn and I always think I will somehow combine them to make the most gorgeous socks ever!! and maybe I will they stay in their own little stash until I feel a little wild and crazy!

Take a look at my sweater yarn stash!
I finally made up this inventory so I could easily "see" what I had when deciding on the next sweater.
And then there are 4 drawers of miscellaneous ....scarf, shawl, mitten, hat yarn...Oh I do need this yarn diet!


October 10 , 2006
Knitting Intermission - A Finished Quilt

I have FINALLY finished hand quilting and binding the 1930s quilt. My one and ONLY adventure into 1930 reproduction feed sack fabrics and quilts. It took me 3 days to sew the quilt top together - that was about 3 years ago! I then decided that to continue with the 1930s theme I should hand applique and hand quilt it.....Well here it is 3 years later - Most likely the last quilt that I will ever hand quilt. Dave is patiently holding it up for the picture - by this time his arms are getting very tired! This is the only quilt I've ever made that he doesn't like - It looks "like a grandma quilt". I like it though - something so innocent about those times and this quilt.

Pattern: "Gentle Moments" designed by Darlene Zimmerman from McCall's Quilting June, 2001

Fabric: an amassed collection of 1930s reproduction fabric

Finished Size: 60" X 60"

Machine Pieced
Hand Appliqued
Hand Quilted



1930s Quilt Closeup

Now back to knitting....


October 7, 2006
Ouch! I Need a Traveler's Stocking Break

I've been working on my Traveler's Stockings almost exclusively for the last few days UNTIL my fingertips got so sore that I had to stop last night. I am using KnitPicks circulars size 0 and they are just perfect in their pointiness for moving those traveling stitches in this cuff, but boy oh boy, that pointiness is tough on the fingers. Here is where they stand right now.....

Traveler's Stockings

So ..... while my calluses get a bit tougher I will work on the fast and fun Rainbow Mittens.

Rainbow Mittens



October 3, 2006
Socktoberfest Begins

Oh how I love an excuse to concentrate on socks! I finally completed my Friday Harbor Socks last night (the toes have been patiently waiting to be done for several weeks). These are comfy, cozy, soft, warm beautiful socks!

Pattern: Friday Harbor Socks by Nancy Bush in "Knitting on the Road "
Yarn: overdyed "Sheep's Gift" from Joslyn's Fiber Farm
Needles: 2 socks on 2 circular 3mm Inox needles

Friday Harbor Socks Friday Harbor socks

Next for this October sock celebration.....the continuation of the Austermann Step husband socks. Tried them on him last night and I have to continue that heel flap a bit longer - his heels sure are deeper than mine!

Austermann Step

Last but not least is the October/November sock for the Knitting On the Road KAL and happily one of my very favorites.... the TRAVELER'S STOCKINGS. I am using Knitpicks "Gloss" ( a soft lovely comination of merino wool and silk) in the Woodland Sage colorway. This is the 1st time I've used this yarn and I am so pleased. It has that beautiful sheen from the silk and the softness of merino. I think the texture will show up nicely. This is also my 1st time using KnitPicks needles - doing 2 socks on 2 circulars, size 0 (2mm) and so far so good! I completed the lace edge last night as a reward for completing the Friday Harbor socks.

Travelers Socks

Ijust found out that my Estonian Garden Scarf is in Issue 2 of Yarnival a fun wonderful blog carnival produced by Eve . I feel a little bit famous!


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