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September 30, 2006
Trellis Scarf

The Trellis Scarf is finished! The Alpaca Cloud makes it so soft , light and delicate. This was not my favorite lace knitting experience despite the fact that I like the outcome. I love the Alpaca Cloud, but it is VERY slippery which caused some mistakes including an unraveling experience the completely freaked me out (pretty well fixed with a tiny crochet hook and alot of patience). Others have not been happy with the asymmetrical ends to this scarf, but I like them. Just enough difference so that it's obvious they are not supposed to be the same, but similar enough to compliment each other.

Trellis scarf Trellis Scarf
trellis scarf

Trellis Scarf by Evelyn A. Clark (from Interweave Knits Spring 2006 )
KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud (100% baby alpaca) I skein Iris colorway
Bryspun straights 3.5 mm
9" X 58"

This was the September/October project for the Evelyn A. Clark KAL . Since I got done with this a bit early, I decided that I could join one more KAL this fall. I have to give myself KAL rules or I would join every one of them! SO to give me the push and incentive that I need to finish my Must Have Cardigan, I have joined the Fall Cable KAL. fall cable KAL There is some beautiful cable knitting going on over there! Now off to start those Rainbow Mittens.....


September 26, 2006
Warm Hands - I Just Can't Wait

I was going to make myself wait to start my Warm Hands KAL project until after I completed something else - ANYTHING! But I just can't wait - the beautiful colors are calling to me way too loudly....

Lucy Neatby Rainbow Mittens

Shelridge Farms DK Wool - so bright and beautiful ! I am making Lucy Neatby's Rainbow Mittens - Don't they look fun? I will try using 2 circular Denise needles since I hate double points. I am REALLY going to try and wait to start these mittens until I finish either the Trellis Scarf or the Friday Harbor socks, but I'm not promising.....

Lucy Neatby Rainbow Mittens

I'm adding socktoberfest to my KALs ONLY because I'm already knitting socks and am ALWAYS knitting socks - so it won't actually add a project right now.

I just can't add another project at the moment. The reason for that is that I have just started homeschooling my 2 youngest boys who are 8 and 10(check out the knife through Connor's head - he is anxiously awaiting Halloween) This has DRAMATICALLY cut into my knitting time! The older kids are 21 and 25 thank goodness.


September 23, 2006
Hat in a Day

I'm making hats for everyone in the family (well at least the ones still at home) with my very simple hat pattern....(Cast 80-90 stitches on 16" circular needles, knit until long enough, K2tog around the whole thing 3 times, pull yarn through remaining stitches, DONE!)
Everyone picked put their own yarn....Mine was in Malabrigo Merino; Cam's is in Morehouse Merino Indian Summer and I made Connor's yesterday - he chose Morehouse in the FantaSea colorway...Here is how it went....

hat in a day
During and after breakfast
hat in a day
In the waiting room at physical therapy (torn calf muscle)
hat in a day
Off and on in the evening
hat in a day
This morning

Now I just have Dave's to make and he already picked out the yarn - a beautiful natural "oatmeal " merino wool. We will all have warm heads this summer!

Progress on Trellis Scarf...19 repeats donetrellis scarf

leaf lace dishcloth
Oh and one more - this is the Mid September Dishcloth of the Month - a very pretty leaf lace pattern to add to my ever expanding pile of washcloths. (I've decided they will be washcloths instead of dishcloths since I don't use dishcloths)


September 18, 2006
Regia Silk Socks Done

My mindless knitting socks are done. I always have at least one pair of these basic socks going. This Regia Silk is a soft, squishy wonderful yarn with a slight sheen. At the time I bought it, this was the only color choice available - a little wild, but fun!

Regia Silk Socks Regia Silk Socks Regia Silk Socks

Pattern: my own basic sock pattern
Yarn: Regia Silk 186 (Livorna color)
Needles: 2 socks on 1 circular 2.25mm bamboo

Austermann step

As soon as these were done, I cast on another pair in a sock yarn I've been wanting to try.....AUSTERMANN STEP. The yarn is somehow infused with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil and it is oh so soft. Supposedly the oils stay in for over 40 washings. This will be the 1st pair of socks that I've knit for Dave - boy are his feet going to be soft and smooth after wearing these! He chose the color - blues/grays.

I got the cuffs done Sunday on the way to the zoo!

Current WIP (mostly to remind myself!)

Friday Harbor Socks: at toe decreases
Austermann Step Socks: beginning leg
Trellis Scarf: 16 repeats done (23 total, but I may do a few more)I'm doing the minimum daily requirement of 1 pattern repeat per day.
Must Have Cardigan: only one more row done on back since last post - blah
Warm Hands KAL Mittens: still deciding on pattern - think I've got it

1930s Quilt - Done - just need to take a picture!
Nickel Quilt - (You haven't seen this yet) still machine quilting


September 14, 2006
Time to finish the Must Have Cardigan

Last fall I started Paton's Must Have Cardigan (3rd picture down on the left)and never quite got around to finishing it. Here it is as it stands right now...

Must Have Cardigan

With all this recent lace knitting going on, I have gotten an urge to have some nice wooly worsted yarn between my fingers so wonderful Briggs and Little Regal in the beautiful heathered "Fundy Fog" colorway fits the bill. This yarn has been in my stash since 1987 - Now that's plenty of time to marinate - don't you think??? This yarn is oily, crunchy and has bits of hay in it - I LOVE IT!!

I am using US 7 Denise needles and am making Size Small - finishes at 37" . I have finished both sleeves (done 2 at a time) up to top shaping; left and right front (also done together) with part of armholes completed (I haven't figured out how deep I'm making them yet) and I am part way up the back. Now I have to finish it - no excuse! It is fall here in MA and it will soon be perfect weather for this sweater.

A close up ......

Must Have Cardigan


September 11, 2006

I have never won anything (except a go-cart 30 years ago in a grocery store raffle) - but I was at Nona's Site at the right time on the right day and won one of her stash giveaways. It just arrived in the mail...... 3 beautiful, soft balls of Lana Grossa merino. The cost: One act of kindness....Already paid!

The Trellis Scarf continues....

trellis scarf trellis scarf

I have completed close to 10 repeats of the lace pattern and it is beautiful . Those little 7 into 5 clusters are frustrating at times, but I have finally found the almost perfect needles - after several alternatives I have settled on Brittany Birch 3.5mm. The wood is just sticky enough to catch the slippery Alpaca Cloud and pull it through those K 7 tog stitches. The only improvement - of course - would be pointier tips! It is well worth the effort though - the little crossovers created with this stitch are beautiful.

The close-up is not really too good - Dave is stretching it out for me while I take the picture. I'll have to wait for the blocking to see the pattern well, but you can get the idea.
Oh - one more thing - I joined the Warm Hands Knitalong I have 2 ideas for my mittens.


September 9, 2006
Dishcloths Galore

Back in May I joined the Monthly Dishcloth KAL - there are now 2275 members! Each month there are 2 Knit-Alongs. Such fun to get your 7-10 rows via email each day. The pattern/design is always a surprise so you have no idea what the cloth will look like until you are at least a few days into it. I just finished the September KAL which turned out to be an oak leaf. Now what am I going to do with all of these cloths???
many dishcloths
click the pic for the dishcloth gallery


September 7,2006
Unst Socks Completed

The beautiful lace "Unst" socks are the project for the August/September Knitting on the Road KAL and my 1st September sock for Sock- a -Month 2. I followed Nancy Bush's pattern exactly as written and love them. I used Elann's Essential 4 ply wool in a lovely cranberry color. The yarn is rather stiff and crinkly to knit with, but suprisingly the socks are quite soft and comfy. It is difficult to see the columns and arches lace pattern in these pictures, but it is pretty!

Unst Socks
Unst Socks
Unst Socks

"Unst" by Nancy Bush from Knitting on the Road
Elann's Essential 4 ply wool
2 circulars 1.25mm


September 5, 2006
On to the Trellis Scarf

After completing the Estonian Garden Wrap, I luckily found the Evelyn A. Clark KAL and joined. They had just decided to make the Trellis Scarf from Interweave Knits Spring 2006 for the September/October project.....I have jumped right in! I already have some KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in Iris colorway and am ready to go....



September 3, 2006
Estonian Garden Wrap is Done

This is the most beautiful shawl I have made - and what a pleasure to make! I started with a provisional cast on for symetrical edgings. It was an easily memorized traditional Estonian lace pattern. The 5 stitch nupps on the lily of the valley border were a little slow, but definitely worth the time and effort! It feels so elegant, soft, light and airy yet warm.

(be sure to click on image for a CLOSER look)

Estonian Garden Wrap Estonian Garden Wrap
Estonian Garden wrap

Estonian Garden Wrap by Evelyn A. Clark
KnitPicks Shadow heathered merino wool (880 yards) Oregon Coast colorway
Bryspun straights 3.5 mm

Here are a few boring blocking pictures for anyone that might be interested.......

Estonian Blocking

The Oregon Coast colorway blends right into the carpet so there is not much to see. The only place I use pins is on the ends - the long edges just stick on the rug where I stretch them.


September 1, 2006
Quilting in the 1930s

It's time for a quilting post. I am heavily into knitting right now, but always have a quilt or 2 in progress. Right now I am FINALLY completing a hand quilted 1930s reproduction fabric lap quilt. The pattern is from a June 2001 McCalls's Quilting magazine and was designed by Darlene Zimmerman. It is a nice big lap quilt at 60" X 60". After amassing the reproduction fabric for this quilt, I promptly decided that I needed REAL feedsack fabric from the 30s and now have a big box of real feedsacks - have not made anything with them yet, but SOMEDAY.....

1930s quilt 1930s quilt closeup 19302 quilt back

Right now as you can see in the third VERY PINK photo, I am sewing on the back to cover up the prarie point edging. For some reason this is taking me a long time. The dogs have taken to sleeping on it and it just languished in a pile on the rocking chair.

On the knitting front - the Estonian Garden Wrap is rolled up in a towel getting nice and damp and ready for soon!

PS - I just figured out how to add comments to this homemade work in progress - I need someone to leave a comment and see if it works.


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