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April 23, 2012
Woven From Leftovers Wrap

I wanted to appreciate the nice 20" width of my loom, so decided to make a wider wrap. This is still only 17" wide because my warp calculations were off a bit, but it is lovely exactly how it is!

Tapestry Wrap

For the warp I used the leftover handspun yarn from these socks - It is All Spun Up Polworth/Silk in "Tapestry" colorway. The weft is Elann Baby Silk leftover from my Swallowtail shawl made several years ago - So it is a true "leftover" project just like I had planned when I bought the loom :)

Polworthsilk Polworth silk socks

Polworth silk on loom

Yarn: Every single inch of 320 yards (52 grams) of handspun 3 ply light fingering weight 85% Polworth/15% Silk fiber in "Tapestry" from All Spun Up.
Size: 17 1/4" X 50"
Warp and Weft Specifications: 10 dent rigid heddle, 7-8 ppi, , 10 epi - 173 warp ends and 65" warp length. I beat the weft very loosely - sort of just placed it gently to be sure the beautiful handspun warp showed up in the finished wrap.
Finishing: hemstitched ends (3 per stitch) - 2 1/2" fringe

The beauty and soft wonderful drape of this fabric is hard to see in pictures, but trust me, it is gorgeous!

Tapestry Wrap Tapestry Wrap

This close up is while it is swinging in the wind on the tree so it is a little distorted, but you can see the pretty Tapestry handspun interlaced with the Baby Silk better - I adore these colors.

Tapestry Close up

The picture below is somehow a bit flat and dull in color, but I put it in so you could see that my selvedges are improving...and the lilacs are pretty.

Tapestry Wrap

Here is what I looked like most of last week - the garden is in! (phone pic by Dave)


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April 12, 2012
Handspun Zinnia Mittens

Picture overload, but I couldn't help it - I LOVE these mittens!

Handspun Zinnia Mittens

Started with this beautiful braid of "Hemlock" Falkland Wool dyed by Ginny of FatCatKnits.

Hemlock Falkland Fiber

Divided the braid into warm and cool colors

Hemlock Falkland Bobbins

and spun 425 yards (102 grams) of regular 3 ply fingering wt. yarn

Hemlock Falkland Handspun Yarn

for Zinnia Mittens - Here is the back - such a pretty colorwork pattern!

Handspun Zinnia Mittens

and here is the front - also click for pic of thumb/side of mitten

Handspun Zinnia Mittens

I just love everything about them from the little picot hemmed cuff to the pretty little thumb flower - to me, mittens don't get much better than this! Watching the subtle handspun color changes was so entertaining (I'm obviously easily entertained!) that I needed no prodding to keep knitting.

Pattern: Zinnia Mittens by Mary Ann Stephens
Yarn: 2.5 ounces of handspun FatCatKnits Falkland in Hemlock colorway
Needles: 2.25 mm 40" circular
Size: 8.5" circumference; 11" tip to cuff
Knit exactly as written - excellent pattern!

Handspun Zinnia Mittens

The fit is perfect!

Handspun Zinnia Mittens

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April 2, 2012
One Skein Woven Scarf

Kate (my daughter) picked out a beautiful skein of Misti Alpaca for her woven scarf. I had no idea what would happen with a handpainted skein of sock yarn used as warp and weft, but voila....plaid :)

Hand Woven Scarf

on the  loom

I've figured out how to use my loom correctly so this scarf went easily and quickly. It is soft, beautiful and the drape is perfection itself - she loves it!

Hand Woven Scarf Hand Woven Scarf

Yarn: One skein Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock Yarn - 437 yards (50% Alpaca, 30% Merino Wool, 10% Silk, 10% Nylon) Color: HS21 Northern Lights
9 1/4" X 64" with 3 1/2" fringe - total length 71"
Warp and Weft Specifications: 10 dent rigid heddle, Sett:10 ends per inch, Weaving width: 9.5", Picks: 10 ppi, Warp Length: 82", Warp Ends: 96
Finishing: hemstitched ends (2 per stitch) - 3 1/2" fringe

A close up of the hemstitched edge front and back before wash/block - I see the rows are still wobbly near the beginning - it gets better as I progress :)



Hand Woven Scarf

Just warped with some leftover handspun sock yarn and will use leftover Baby Silk as weft - My original idea when I got the loom, was to weave using leftover yarn and hopefully make a dent in those bins!
Also have 2 pair of mittens in progress using handspun - that's for the next post...

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