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April 30, 2013
Mystery Mittens

On a whim, I decided to play along and make some April Mystery Mittens in the "I Make Mittens" Ravelry group, and I'm glad I did - LOVE these mitts! The designer was Julie Hamilton from Julie's Yarn Shop - and what a mystery these mittens were! I didn't have the design figured out until the very last clue.

mystery robin mittens

mystery robin mittens

Pattern: The Secret by Julie Hamilton
Size: Woman's Medium (72 stitches around) 11" cuff to tip and 8 1/4" circumference
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in 5 colors
Needles: 2 mitts on 1 40" 2.25,, circular needle
Mods: I added a little extra embroidery on cuff and in center of flowers, otherwise followed this well written pattern from start to finish. If I made them again, now knowing the outcome, I would do all the color work stranded and not do the duplicate stitching at the end, although it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be....and I got better and better at duplicate stitch :)

mystery robin mittens

It is so difficult to pick out colors when you have NO IDEA what the mitten is going to look like! I limited my choices to stash yarn only, and chose 7 colors of Knit Picks Palette. We were told the basic colors to use (light gray background, red, green, black, brown, lemon yellow, white) I didn't have all of those so substituted when necessary and went with a "country colors" palette. (You'll notice that 4 of the 7 colors were left over from my recently completed Polar Chullo). I was VERY unsure after clue 1 because I felt like there wasn't enough contrast with my choices, but from clue 2 on, I was happy :)

mystery robin mittens

She designed these with beautiful detail - the thumb even has all 4 motifs on it (flower, bird, heart, butterfly) - I realize that I didn't get a good thumb photo, but you can sort of see both sides if you look at both sets of pics.

Something wrong about knitting mittens in the springtime... these wintry mittens need snow - not flowers!

april mystery mittens

All month I worked on the coop during the day and knit on these mittens in the evening - a very nice combination of projects! I scored this amazing brooder box at the grocery store last week - It is HUGE and now has a window and door in it - pics when chicks come...In 10 days!!!

brooder box

After hanging the coop run door yesterday, I got very focused on making a handle from a pruned lilac branch - I LOVE my new door handle!

lilac wood handle

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April 25, 2013
Polar Chullo

I'm a bit out of season here, but I finally put the finishing touches on this hat - all ready for next winter!

polar chullo

I love earflap hats in general, but this one is spectacular! The minute I saw Mary Ann's pattern, I knew I would make it. I LOVE her colorwork patterns - she designed my favorite mitts.

polar chullo

Pattern: Polar Chullo by Mary Ann Stephens
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette (Garnet Heather, Asphalt Heather, Marble Heather, Cream, Camel Heather). Springtide Farms Cashmere for lining.
Size: 192 stitches around - 21 1/2" circumference
Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm) circular

polar chullo

Lined with cashmere - soooo soft and warm! This picture also shows a nice close up of the i-cord edging - THAT took awhile!

cashmere lining

chair picture to show tie tassels too

polar chullo

Chicken news....2 weeks until chick arrival - and the coop is progressing beautifully :)

Should be completely predator proof with this 1/2" hardware cloth extending 12" underground!


I added an exterior nesting box and will put in a cute little window so I can peek in :)

coop progress


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April 12, 2013
London Fog Socks

Starting with another beautiful braid from FatCatKnits - this one is BFL in a soft subtle colorway called "London Fog" - perfect for MAN socks!

London Fog BFL

Spun into 335 yards regular 3 ply to mix up the colors for more muted striping

spinning London Fog

London Fog BFL 3 ply

and knit into a simple pair of socks for Dave - he loves handknit socks for hockey coaching - I can't knit enough of them!

Pattern: Winterscape Socks by Kay Redding - the perfect pattern for handspun yarn!
Yarn: exactly 100 grams (335 yards) 3 ply handspun BFL in FatCatKnits "London Fog" stock colorway"
Needles: 2 socks on 1 40" 2.25 mm circular needle
Size: Men's size 8 - 68 stitches around

handspun socks

a completely different coloring in the shade - sunshine brings out the golden hues.

handspun socks

I'm also playing along with the I Make Mittens Raverly group - an April Mystery Mitten KAL. I decided to limit myself to stash yarn - it is all KP Palette - kind of wish I had gone with lighter spring colors - oh well.

mystery mitten

and last but not least, my chicken coop project continues - since this picture, I have completed the roof, framed the inside wall, and put hardware cloth on the ceiling. Next job is not easy - I will be digging a 12-18" trench around the whole thing to bury the hardware cloth and hopefully prevent digging predators since we have raccoons, fisher cats, skunks etc. It is an integrated coop/run - I'm wishing I had made it bigger!!


It is raining today, so I will build the screen door inside - I'm getting better and better at this whole carpentry thing - already planning more projects :)

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April 2, 2013
More Handspun Weaving

Such a quick way to use handspun - and I have LOTS of that!


Started with this beautiful Merino/Silk/Bamboo from FatCatKnits from her fall 2012 Greek Myths Fiber Club - Arachne "Pride and Humility"

merino silk bamboo

Decided to spin a 2 ply since that is supposed to be better for weaving than 3 ply. I realize I really like the look of a nice round 3 ply much better, although that is why it is supposedly not as good for weaving - from what I've read by the weaving experts, the undulated surface of 2 ply "locks" better when woven. I just spun each bump then plied them together.

2 ply handspun

This luxurious fiber turned into such a soft warm beautiful scarf. I love how the colors played out both on the warp and weft. A distinct striping vertically and soft muted wider striping horizontally - so pretty. This one will be MINE :)



Yarn: Fat Cat Knits Handspun merino, bamboo, silk -2 ply sportish/dk weight. 68 grams for warp/50 grams for weft.
Size: 7.5" X 71"
Warp and Weft Specifications:
8 dent rigid heddle
Sett:8 ends/inch
Picks: 8 ppi
Warp Length: 83"
Warp Ends: 69
Finishing: hemstitched ends (3 per stitch) - 2" fringescarf

It was on 27 degrees this morning - perfect for my new scarf - zero itch factor - I think I will make all my scarves with this fiber blend!

scarf on

Walls framed - since this picture I have moved it to it's permanent spot on concrete piers in the backyard. Roof next.... Pat's Knitting and Quilting and Carpentry :)

coop frame

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