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August 31, 2007
Mystery Stole #3 and WINNERS

Knitting this stole was pure pleasure!

Mystery Stole 3 Swan Lake

Pattern: Mystery Stole # 3 (AKA Swan Lake, with my dark version symbolizing Odile) designed by Melanie of Pink Lemon Twist.
Size: 21" X 70"
Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 laceweight - 2.5 oz. in indigo. This is the 1st time I've ever knit with this heavenly yarn! Sarah sent me a free color card with my order ...there will be more in my future!
Needles: Bryspun straights US 4 (3.5mm)

I made the asymmetrical winged version (I guess that is obvious looking at these pictures!) and am thrilled with the outcome.The mystery and fun of knitting this stole was enhanced by Melanie's wonderfully different and creative pattern.
As I've said before, I really enjoyed the pace of this KAL - perfect for me, and
I fully plan on making Mystery Stole #4 next year when Melanie's mother will be the designer.

For those that like a blocking picture

and thank you to my very reluctant photographer (Dave) for a few different angles.....
(click pics for bigger)
Mystery Stole # 3 - Swan Lake Mystery Stole # 3 - Swan Lake Mystery Stole # 3 - Swan Lake
Mystery Stole # 3 - Swan Lake Mystery Stole # 3 - Swan Lake

As for color accuracy - the one on the chair is true to color. For some reason this indigo blue was not easy to capture.

Mystery Stole # 3 - Swan Lake Mystery Stole # 3 - Swan Lake

Now that everyone is sick of looking at pictures of this shawl....


Thank you all for your wonderful blogiversary wishes!!!

I numbered the comments in the order they came in (adding emails at the end) and used the random # generator to pick 4 integers between 1 and 86, It said...

Here are your random numbers - 40, 34, 36, 2

#40 Beth the Baseball Knitter will get a $ 30.00 gift certificate to Loopy Ewe

sock yarn


# 34 Aimee who Must Keep Knitting will get Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock superwash merino medium weight in Beryl

#36 Sheri who is Just in the Knit of Time will get Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock superwash merino light weight in Rose Quartz

#2 Stacy with Flyin' Needles will get Sleeping Dragon superwash merino fingering weight in Ramble

This was so much fun for me!


August 26, 2007
Blogiversary Appreciation Day

1st - The state of some things...

I Love Gansey heel
I have rounded the heel in my "I Love Gansey" socks - it's very easy from here on out, since the big cable ends and the rest of the pattern is easily memorized.
Summer of Love Lace start
Mr. Dave Criminy Jickets- I am taking your challenge! This is the current STR sock club yarn and in my opinion (remember this is just MY opinion), it is a true Dugly-Uck. I am hoping for a Swan and am knitting it up using the included pattern, - It will be an adventure!!
I am oh so close - MS3 should be off the needles in a day or 2 and we will see what we have when blocked. This will be an interesting shawl to block!
Red Quilt
I've decided to make it a big bed size quilt instead of a lap quilt - 55 of 70 squares are done and I seem to be stalled. (I think taking this picture may have started me up again - we'll see...)

2nd - I am officially part of Ravelry, but have not uploaded one thing yet....It may be a few weeks before I have some time and can really check it all out and see how it will fit into my knitting life - but I am "PatsKnitting".

3rd - Blogiversary Appreciation Day

A quick history....I have been reading knitting blogs since 2003 when I happened upon one while searching for "Charlotte's Web Shawl" - I was thrilled to find like minded knitters and bookmarked (didn't know about Bloglines for a few months) each new site I found. It was enjoyable being a bystander for several years, but I knew I wanted to join all of you out there in blogland when I started my first KAL (Sock a Month 2). I had to quickly figure out how to turn my primitive picture gallery into a blog! On August 26, 2006, I wrote my 1st post. It took some doing since I wasn't using ready made blog software. I had to find a way to send out my own feed, add comments, organize everything manually (which is the way I still make my blog). A few posts later, Monika left me that 1st (non family) comment and I knew that there was someone out there!
Well, I want everyone to know how much I appreciate your friendship, knitting and quilting inspiration, and support. It is so much more fun to knit with others who love it as much as I do! No one in my real life appreciates a great sock when they see it!!

As most of you know, I have been the lucky recipient of many prizes and gifts this year- it actually got to the point where I stopped entering contests because I was afraid I would win! ! I think it is time to give back...

I came up with all kinds of ideas, guessing games, and questions for a blogiversary contest, but in the end have decided to go the random # generator way. So just say hello, ask a question, make a suggestion - comments or email and you will be in the drawing for a prize.

1st person will get a $30.00 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe
the next 3 people drawn will get ....sock yarn!
(If you are a quilter, you will receive a Keepsake Quilting gift certificate/fat quarters)

sock yarn


Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock superwash merino medium weight in Beryl


Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock superwash merino light weight in Rose Quartz


Sleeping Dragon superwash merino fingering weight in Ramble

If you have a preference let me know

Winners on Friday....


August 21 , 2007
Home Again, Home Again and Setesdal's Are Done

We had a wonderful vacation in the mountains - and found cool crisp weather - even had to wear SWEATERS at night!!

Self timer - I barely made it back into the picture!

As I predicted, I did not get a whole lot of knitting done, but I did keep up with the Mystery Stole (although now I have to complete the last clue) and I finished my Setesdal Socks.

Setesdal Socks
Pattern: Setesdal Socks (also available as pdf download here)by Robyn Gallimore of Red Bird Knits
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill SuperSock Merino in Champlain Sunset (85 gms) and Natural (24 gms)
Needles: 2 socks on 1 40" circular (used 2.75mm for cast on/2.25mm for leg colorwork/2.00mm for heel and lice pattern on ankle and foot)
Modifications: 1) changed rows 48-50 to center pattern with zigzag above it. 2)1 extra row color A before heel flap and toe decreases so as not to distort white row.3) Changed jog so that it was on inside legs (broke yarn and turned one leg around before starting heel flap) 4) Started pattern row on center of sole to keep jog hidden underneath.

Oh how I loved making these socks! That drive to add 1 more row just to see what it would add to the pattern was so strong that I kept moving right along. My plan is to make 1 more pair of colorwork socks before making the big switch to mittens and hats this fall.

a few other angles...

Setesdal Socks Setesdal Socks Setesdal Socks

Now to catch up on my overflowing Bloglines feeds and see what I have missed ...


August 9 , 2007
A Quick Post and We're Off

Dave turns 56 tomorrow and he loves to be "on the road" for his birthday -SO, we're leaving in the morning to enjoy 10 days in the nice cool Green Mtns. of Vermont. Knitting plans ...

I Love Gansey sock Setesdal

On the left is the beginnings of my "I Love Gansey" socks, which is the Six Sox KAL current pattern. I am using durable wooly Silja sock yarn (recognize this yarn Beth? Thank you!) and enjoying the pattern immensely. I was a little concerned about my choice of darkish yarn, but the stitch patterns are showing up just fine. On the right is the continuation of Setesdal. I'm nearing the end of the bright eye of the partridge heels and so far the fit is perfect!

Of course, I'll be taking along this lovely pile of lace too. Clue 6 should be posted by the time we leave tomorrow, so I will try to keep up while playing in the mountains.

Just in case I finish all this- HAH! (I'm not a big vacation knitter, so it probably won't happen), but just in case, I will have this gorgeous skein of yarn along for the ride.

Seacoast Handpaint


I also want to thank the 4 great blogging pals who have passed on this award to me! rockin' girl blogger
I'm sorry it has taken so long, but Monika, Rebecca, Marianne, and Hawkesly... you are what makes blogging so much fun! THANK YOU!! I will turn it right back on you 4 excellent Rockin' Girls which leaves me with 1 more nominee.

I have a friend that knits with me in real life, and she recently started her very own blog. Linda (at Linda's Knitting Blog ) just began knitting in February (she could only watch me knit socks at our kids' karate class for so long, before she walked in with a skein of yarn and started knitting a scarf - she didn't stop there....) She is a wonderfully creative, experimental knitter - I cannot believe she just started knitting a few months ago! Thank you for your company and inspiration, Linda!

This is a computer-free vacation so I'll see you all in a few weeks...


August 6 , 2007
Bonus Socks and ...

I love it when I get a bonus pair of socks....the socks that sit in the car and get a few rows here and there and all of a sudden (or actually a month or 2 later) an extra pair of socks are done that I didn't even count as a WIP.

Sockotta Sock Sockotta sock

Pattern: cuff down 60 stitches
Yarn: Sockotta color #605 - feels like a ball of string when knitting (a nice ball of string, of course), but somehow turns into soft comfy cotton blend socks.
Needles: 2 socks on 1 circular 2.25 mm

tangled yoke plan

Well, I guess I'm not totally predictable anyway! Most of you thought I was going to knit Dickenson (I'm guessing this is because of my history of cable knitting and love for Kathy Zimmerman patterns ) and it is a wonderful pullover which I may knit someday, but right now I wanted something more simple, yet special and Tangled Yoke is the next sweater project and with stash yarn too!! Don't hold your breath though...I most likely won't start this until the fall.
(PS - correct guessers were Beth S., Marianne, Ali(blog free), and Charity - If it was a contest, you would have all won $1,000,000, but it wasn't, sorry! There will be a real one coming up at the end of August though :-)
edit after Kathy's comment....NO!!! sadly, that contest won't have the million dollar prize either, although a gift certificate for yarn (no, not a $1,000,000 one) comes close....yes?

Here is where I spent last Thursday night. Only 35 minutes away - I decided to go at the last minute and what a fun time!
I ran to the bathroom just before things started and as I was washing my hands, Stephanie came in - so I got to chat with her all by myself! She said she was trying to escape - find a hidden way out. I walked out of the bathroom door a little star-struck!
I pulled out my lifeline on MS3 because I won't be needing it....I'm definitely making the wing! What a creative, enjoyable pattern!

Mystery Stole 3 wing


August 1 , 2007
Quahogging and Knitting

My very young 85 year old father-in-law (who still plays hockey and runs a small farm) loves to go quahogging and wanted to take the boys to his spot down in Fairhaven.....


I played in the bay for awhile, but this is what I did most of the time...

Knitting Setesdal beachbag

I have dutifully placed my lifeline on row 287 of my MS3 stole as directed by Melanie in clue 4. I have never used a lifeline, so this is new to me!

Mystery Stole 3 lifeline Mystery Stole clue 4

and I started my next socks....Setesdal (pdf. download) designed by Robyn Gallimore . I'm using Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Champlain Sunset for the background and natural for the foreground. What an addicting knit!! Here is how I knit both socks together on one circular without having a huge tangled mess.... "baggies"!


I know what my next sweater project is going to's on this page - Can you guess which one it is?? and I already have the yarn right in my stash just waiting for it's turn to be a sweater!


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