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December 29, 2009
Bella and More Spinning

I don't usually do Christmas knitting, but my daughter asked me to knit a pair of Bella's Mittens in grey yarn for her, so she got her knitting wish!

Bella's Mittens

Bella's Mittens

Bella's Mittens

Pattern: Bella's Mittens by Marielle Henault
Yarn: 170 grams of Valley Yarns Northampton Bulky in Light Grey
Needles: 2 mittens together on 1 US#8 circular needle - VERY tight gauge - for WARM thick mittens. I could only do a few rows at a time or my hands/arms/shoulders started getting sore - I would only go through this "not so much fun" knitting experience for her :-)

I followed the pattern without any modifications - very detailed well written (chartless) pattern.

Here they are on Christmas morning - she LOVES them! (And Jasmine loves her!)

Bella's Mittens

Beautiful Fat Cat Mixed Blessings Club forDecember - Falkland Wool - such wonderful earthy colors.

Fat Cat Falkland

I divided each roving into thirds (lengthwise) and then divided the thirds into fourths with the plan to make two 3 ply skeins - one of each color. Here are the singles...

Fat Cat Falkland

Fat Cat Falkland

I don't have a lot to compare it to yet, but this Falkland wool was WONDERFUL to spin - it drafted so easily and and just seemed to fall into the perfect twist/ply without my trying to hard to make anything specific happen. This was my 1st try at regular 3 ply and I found it not to be anymore difficult than 2 ply. The yarn is lovely - round, soft, and squishy.

Fat Cat Falkland

I ended up with 256 yards of green and 266 yards of orange - each skein is 2.4 ounces. I haven't checked WPI, but it looks like a heavy fingering/light sport weight yarn. The colors are very fall like, so I may wait to knit it up...or I may start knitting today. I'm thinking of colorwork mittens - maybe...

Fat Cat Falkland

click these if you want to see real close ups - the color is off on the orange one.

Fat Cat Falkland Fat Cat Falkland

Starting in January...MITTENS! Have you joined the NaKniMitMo 2010 KAL?


December 21, 2009
Targhee Aran Watch Cap

I started with this beautiful braid of targhee wool, and had a grand 2 ply color idea for socks, that did not go as planned - not even close!


If left as 2 ply I would have had 1 striped sock and one barberpole sock. So I got out my spinning books and decided to experiment. The result was a 4 strand cable ply yarn which I made by tightening up the 2 ply twist and plying the 2 yarns together for 260 yards of a nicely balanced, soft, stretchy, squishy worsted weight yarn.

targhee closeup


Aran Satch Cap

Pattern: Aran Watch Cap from Hats On by Charlene Schurch
Size: Medium (124 stitches around)
Yarn: 3 ounces (85 grams) Handspun Targhee Wool from GLBLF ( 10-11 WPI) 4 strand cable ply. I wonder if this roving was a little felted - it was matted and clumpy- or maybe that is the natural way of targhee - either way, the resulting yarn was so soft and beautiful that it was worth the extra preparation.
Needles: 16" circular - US 5 for cuff/ US 6 for body
Modifications: Knit a size medium, but made the body 5 1/4 inches to make a deeper hat.

aran watch cap aran watch cap

I took the pictures myself - It wasn't easy to even get the hat IN the picture - most photos looked like this.
This is the 2nd time I've made an Aran Watch Cap - it is not often that I knit a pattern more than once, but it is a wonderful hat to knit and to wear and I think the soft muted colors of this handspun work perfectly!

My one and only needlepoint project completed in 1986



PS - my "comment" company was sold and the new one doesn't have a place for email, so unless I already know your email I can't respond - Frustrating!


December 12, 2009
First Handspun Socks

Fat Cat Roving

I could never have guessed that the socks from this fiber would turn out like this...

Fat Cat Handspun Socks

Fat Cat Handspun Socks

Pattern: Cuff down over 60 stitches.
Yarn: 2.5 ounces (73 grams) of hand dyed Fat Cat Knits Merino. (November Mixed Blessings Fiber Club) Spun as 2 ply fingering weight - 17 WPI - yarn photos here.
Needles: 2 socks on one 2.25mm circular.

The "sort of matchy" striping on these socks was pure luck. I divided each roving in 8 lengthwise strips and spun the singles end to end on 2 bobbins then plied them - divided the yarn in half by weight and started knitting. Since I was knitting both together, it was so much fun to watch the stripes form, start to match, divert away and then match again. The reason I know it was a stroke of luck is that I tried to make some matching striped yarn for my next spinnig project and it's not even close!

They are soft, bright, beautiful and fit like a dream - The barber pole yarn turns into a tweedy trekkingesque sock look. At this point I feel like I could just knit handspun socks for the rest of my life and be happy - actually, that might not be true...I'm already thinking of sweaters, hats and mittens :-)

Since this is pure merino fiber, I added some nylon reinforcement yarn (that I forgot to use on Dave's socks) to the bottom of the heel, which is the only place my socks have ever worn out.

Fat Cat Handspun Socks

I still have 2.5 ounces of this fun yarn left! Maybe colorwork?


December 7, 2009
Blessed Thistle

We love artichokes - when I go to the store and ask the boys what I should get, they actually say "please get artichokes"...these are teenage boys!


So you can imagine how much fun it was to make these socks :-)

Blessed Thistle

Pattern: Blessed Thistle by Lisa Grossman Tsarina or Tsocks
Size: Medium
Needles: 2 tsocks on one 2.25 mm circular
Yarn: Jennifer's FlockSock in Artichoke and Melted Butter
Followed the pattern as written - so many creative ideas went into this sock design - the little stem leaves are worked right into the cuff - the "sort of a gusset" is formed by increasing then decreasing the lace leaves - and then to top it off...melted butter toes!

Blessed Thistle Blessed Thistle

My daughter Kate's 25th birthday was this week - I let her pick out anything she wants from "the knitting bin". This is what she chose (along with a preblogging Morehouse merino scarf) - she's got good taste!

Snowy Woods Reading Mittens Vilaii

I'm spinning beautiful muted colors of Targhee wool...I think it will become another pair of 2 ply socks and then I'll venture into 3 ply/Navajo ply and some thicker yarns. My current handspun socks in progress are wild and fun - They should be done by next week!


Targhee bobbin


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