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February 22, 2009
Cables & Corrugations

Cables & Corrugations

Cat Bordhi sure knows what she's doing! The book is confusing when you just browse through it (as I've been doing for a year), but when I actually followed the directions, it all made perfect sense and I created a beautiful pair of socks that fit perfectly too! I was immediately drawn to the thickly braided cables, which is one of the reasons I chose this pair, but there is also a great benefit to the corrugations -they expand/contract vertically as needed so there is no bagging at the leg/instep turn. The cable crosses are on the exact same row as the arch increases, which makes the knitting process so easy~

Cables & Corrugations

Pattern: Cables & Corrugations by Cat Bordhi in New Pathways for Sock Knitters.
Yarn: 88 grams of sumptuous Woolen Rabbit Harmony Merino/Nylon in "Cherry Bomb"
Needles: 2 socks together on 1 2.25 mm 40" circular needle.
Size/Method: Whirlpool Toe, Riverbed Arch, Reinforced Heel, EZ sewn bind- off. (Reminder for self... Toe to 56 stitches, RPI=10, 9.25" foot length, for a 3.5" toe length. 65 stitches for leg. )

On the picture below you can see the arch expansion hidden beneath the sole - isn't that cool? I have a very high arch and the design of this sock makes it hug my foot so well! I also love that braid up the center back - LOVE IT!

Cables & Corrugations

I'm quilting on the weekends when work doesn't get in the way and I can dedicate some uninterrupted time - this quilt should be together and sandwiched this weekend, which only leaves the quilting....
Here is a link (Thank you to "Kate/Massachusetts" (are you in Ravelry, Kate??) who knows what I like and always provides me with excellent knitting and quilting inspiration!!!) to a free 6 month online subscription to the wonderful Australian quilting magazine "Down Under Quilts" - some great inspiration here!

Salt-Water Taffy Quilt

Acer is off the needles - all that is left is blocking and buttons - check out these rustic tree branch buttons from The Button Shop - They are Common Buckthorn buttons made from salvaged tree branches - all sanded and coated with beeswax - I think they will be perfect for Acer!

buttons Acer

I'm traveling to San Francisco/Napa with my daughter, Kate, (just the 2 of us - can't wait!) this week and won't be back until March 5, so you won't see Acer (or anything else!) until I get back. Hopefully there will be abundant airplane knitting time and some of these other socks will get finished - I MAY have to start a new pair too :-)


February 13, 2009

Could it be possible that I am posting 2 days in a row? This is a first for me in my 2 1/2 years of blogging - I have no idea how some people post every day...ANYWAY....It was a must because I just got my mail and look what was in it....

Jorid Linvik prize

With the Valentine theme and all, I couldn't wait til next week to show you. This is the wonderful, thoughtful and very generous prize I received from jollypyrate and cverity for the Jorid Linvik KAL - it was a random prize drawing made by WunderDawg (see the little pieces of paper - I'm so lucky that he picked mine!!)
Delicious "Romance Blend" coffee beans (how did they know I have a fancy coffee grinder???), Caribbean and Floridian tasty treats, 2 beautiful sets of stitch markers (I just realized you can't see one of them in this photo - a beautiful green set from the Velvet Hippo) and best of all a Knit Picks Magnetic Chart Keeper - which is SOOOOO appropriate for a Jorid's beautifully charted patterns (I had to use sticky notes and highlighters since I didn't have a Chart Keeper) Thank you so much - not only did I make a family favorite pair of mittens, but I had the anticipation and fun of an awesome prize - what could be better than that?

When I took the prize photo, I also took a quick pic of my new in progress socks....


Curlicue (patternfish link) Red Bird Knits January SOM by Robyn Gallimore - in black and red Lana Grossa Seta/Cashmere - The pattern is slip stitched so a little slow, but the unbelievable softness of the yarn and beauty of the pattern makes it definitely worth the time!


February 12, 2009
Riverbeds, Sleeves, Tsocks, and Cookies

I've had the book since the day it was available - but have I made any socks?? NO. So Linda, Christy and I decided it was high time to play with Cat Bordhi's New Pathways, and we are having our own little KAL. After studying all the different architectures, I decided that I liked Riverbed the best. The entire arch expansion is hidden on the sole as you can see in the right hand picture below (click to enlarge), making it perfect for almost any sock pattern - Of the several patterns offered in this construction, Cables & Corrugations is the one that caught my eye immediately - those nice thick braided cables are so pretty!

Cables and Corrugations Cables and Corrugations
Woolen Rabbit Harmony Merino/Nylon in "Cherry Bomb" seemed the perfect choice of yarn, since pink is the Solid Socks KAL color this month. These have to be done by the end of the month to qualify and I'm leaving for CA (without my computer) on 2/25, so I better get a move on...

Cables and Corrugations

Acer is getting there...


I just bought myself a present this morning , rationalizing that it was a birthday present since the first kit should arrive on my birthday - also if you divide the total cost by 365, it's only 63 cents/day - not so bad, right??- Am I crazy?? I haven't mentioned it to Dave yet....maybe he'll want a pair :-) tsock flock club

I've also pre-ordered Cookie's new book and joined the Makin' Cookie's KAL - I think I'm on a sock kick!

and .... I've started another new pair of socks (very cool slip stitch pattern - no picture yet) - so just to remind myself.... that makes 3 pairs of socks, 1 sweater, 1 shawl and 1 quilt in progress - WAY over my limit of 3 WIP!


February 5, 2009

It almost feels like cheating - knitting a pair of socks with aran weight yarn! Bravo for a husband who is happy to wear wild bright beautiful socks, although I'm fairly certain that his plan is to keep them well hidden under boots and pants!


Pattern: Thuja by Bobby Ziegler from Knitty Winter 2005
Yarn: 128 gms Artyarns Handpaint Stripes color 115 - look at those perfectly matching stripes - quite a feat with this yarn. (I got mine at Webs very inexpensively, but I don't see it there now)
Needles: 2 socks on 1 40" 3.75 mm circular needle
Size: Men's size 9

They are now affectionately called the "clown socks" ...


Next .... Annetrelac with Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn - color soon changes to yellow then orange - these are going to be cool!


The quilt squares are done for Salt Water Taffy - I started with the kit then added enough from my batik stash to make 80 blocks. Such a SPRING quilt - it's fun to play with these beautiful colors.

salt water taffy


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