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February 16, 2014
Handspun Handwoven Scarf

Yikes - I'm knitting and quilting faster than I'm documenting new projects - I just counted and have 5 projects (including 2 small quilts) done! Better get a move on....

Moriarty Scarf

This little scarf is my favorite woven project so far.

I got a little luxury battling pack from Hobbledehoy with different shades of red/maroon/grey - only 2 ounces and very very soft - in fact soft enough for my bare neck - had to be a scarf and weaving seemed like the way to go.

Morarty Battlings

I love plaid, but don't like weaving plaid - the ongoing color changes, multiple shuttles and ends to be cut and woven in - blahhh. SO I decided to spin these battlings for plaid. 1 ounce spun for the warp into a 2 ply light fingering weight with long color runs. The other half used for the weft was divided (after calculations about 1/8 of the size) for short color runs and spun as a 1 ply light fingering weight.

Moriarty Yarn
Moriarty Yarn

A reader asked how I tied on my warp for less waste - here is a picture.... You Tube directions here.


I crossed my fingers and started weaving - it WORKED! A soft gentle not perfectly delineated plaid. I think this would work even better with handpainted combed top since the colors would be clearer - will try this next.

A close up view of the weave and all the pretty little pops of color from these batts.

Moriarty Scarf

Handspun Scarf Handspun Scarf
Handspun Scarf Pattern:Plain balanced weave
Size: 7" X 54" after fulling
Yarn: 1.6 ounces (46 grams) handspun from Hobbledehoy Luxury Battlings (superfine merino, yak, tussah silk, bamboo, sari silk and angelina) in Moriarty Colorway. 2 ply for warp and 1 ply for weft
Weaving Specifications:
10 dent rigid heddle
Warp Length: 70"
Warp Ends:86
Finishing: hemstitched ends (3 per stitch) - 2" fringe

This is the softest scarf I've ever woven and light as a feather - LOVE!

Handspun Scarf

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