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January 29 , 2008
An Opportunity

Thank you so much for all your well wishes! I've got a shoulder full of cortisone - it was inflamed enough that I had to start with that before proceeding to any other treatment. (The original injury, a small tear of rotator cuff, has lead to tendonitis/impingement syndrome).

I've decided to use this forced knitting hiatus as an opportunity to take a blogging and computer break too. It is time to get some balance back into my full life!

A quick pic of the quilt top - I just added the pieced borders - now on to the backing...

red and white quilt top red and white quilt top


January 24, 2008
2 Things

1st the good thing...

This toddler sweater is made from a pattern I ripped out of some (unknown now) magazine before 1981 when I had my 1st baby - I knit it for him - LOVED it and saved the now yellowed, ripped, ancient single page - there is not even a designer written on it - it's just called "Norse Pullover", so I have no idea who to thank for this simple beautiful pattern. (I've made 5 of them in my knitting life) . This one is for the CIC sweater challenge.

Norse Pullover

The body and sleeves are knit in the round and joined for the patterned yoke - easy as can be. The only finishing is grafting the underarms! I love this little sweater and hope it will keep a child nice and warm!

Edit: Pattern just found on Ravelry!!! (don't you love Ravelry??) It was from a McCall's Magazine in 1973 called "McCall's Makes It Just for Baby" no designer listed.

norse pullover Pattern: Norse Pullover (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes - 3 skeins Sapphire Heather, 20 gms Firecracker Heather and a small amount of Elann Peruvian Highland Wool #282
Needles: US 8 Denise circular (various length cords)
Size: 3 (chest 24")

And now for thing 2.... not so good!

If you've been astute, you may have noticed that my knitting production line is slowing down - there is a real possibility that it is soon going to come to a screeching halt! I fell awhile back and injured my shoulder which has now developed into a huge mess (impingement, torn, frozen, surgery) - are some of the words I've heard - I go to a specialist on Monday and will be more informed at that point. The bottom line is that the repetitive motion of knitting is aggravating it to the point where I can't even knit a few rows without pain. I'm fully expecting the orthopedic doctor to say STOP KNITTING when I go on Monday. I can't believe this is happening!


January 20 , 2008
Frogging Nutkins and More

6 repeats in and I could see there was a problem - just look at the bias on these socks! They are swirling around my leg and who knows how they will fit over my heel and foot.

frogging nutkin frogging nutkin

After looking at the Ravelry Nutkin projects, I realized I was not alone (although some people have made changes in the pattern to correct this problem by mirroring the swirls instead of having them all flow in the same direction). I consulted, via a flurry of emails, with my long time blog friend, Shirley, who I knew was also making Nutkins, and ..... I (we) frogged! I really like this Lorna's Laces yarn (much prettier than the color in these pictures) and now I have it in 2 nice yarn cakes waiting for the right pattern.

frogging nutkin

Marvelous Mittens 15

Isn't that a cool thumb gusset? I'm loving this pair of mittens!

CIC pullover

My current plan is to knit at least 2 sweaters for the Children in Common Knitting Yahoo Group toddler sweater/vest challenge. This one is going to be a little Nordic yoke pullover and I'm going to guess it will be done soon because I can't wait to get to the yoke! You'll get all the details as soon as it's done. Knitting little sweaters is so much fun!


January 14 , 2008
Florenz and UNtangling

It looks all fancy and complicated, but it's just a slip stitch pattern - using one color for 2 stranding except for the corrugated rib cuff. I LOVE the sole of these socks and keep thinking I might like a whole sock made from that easy pattern.

Florenz florenz

Pattern: Florenz (Ravelry Link) by Stephanie van der Linden for the Socken-Kreative-Liste.
Yarn: 25 gm Opal Uni Color (link to half price sale at Little Knits right now) in Pistachio and 45 gm Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock ( pastel pink overdyed in navy blue by me)
Needles: 2.25 mm 40" circular
Modifications: I did 3 repeats of the 20 row chart to make the leg a bit longer and used my regular toe, otherwise followed the pattern. If you are going to make this sock, I would strongly suggest color coding the chart since the .pdf file does not show the row colors very well and it's easy to get mixed up!
Errata: As far as I can tell there is an error in the English version - rows 3 and 13 should read YO and slip 3 stitches with yarn in front - otherwise you wouldn't have that pretty little loop of yarn to pull up in rows 6 and 16 - at least that is the conclusion to which Punkin and I came after experimenting a little bit.


After vacillating throughout the entire process , I frogged the whole cable on Tangled Yoke. I made the original 1 to 5 increases too tight and could tell it was going to pucker at the bottom. I tried to convince myself it would block out, but felt that strong intuition (that wouldn't go away) telling me I should rip and redo - so off the needles it came. It is now back on the needles and the set up row is done with nice loose 1 to 5 increases - I feel so much better about continuing on now!


We just got back from a weekend in Maine - I decided before we left that I wanted to start a special new project on this 2 hour car ride, so I picked out 3 colors of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (I really DO like Knit Picks yarn , just NOT Gloss for socks!) and began a toddler sweater for the current CIC (thank you for such an all inclusive description Marguerite!)toddler sweater/vest challenge. More about that next post... Right now I should go help Dave shovel out the driveway!


January 8 , 2008
New Projects, Disappointing Sock Yarn, and Winnings

First - the new projects ...

Nutkin designed by Beth LaPensee in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Tahoe

Mittens # 15 from Knitting Marvelous Mittens by Charlene Schurch - as you can see in that link this book is costing about $158.00 - Thanks to Beth mine was $12.95!

I realized all 5 of my current projects have charts - I have charts in my dreams at night! The challenge is to find the correct chart for what I want to be knitting at any given moment.


And now for the disappointing sock yarn -KNIT PICKS GLOSS! Just look at this sock!!

holey gloss

holey gloss

I knit the "Travelers Stockings" about 1 year ago and have only worn them this fall/winter - 8 to 10 times at the most. After the first time I wore them, they pilled horribly and looked old for their very young age. I have always washed these socks by hand and hung them to dry - they've never seen a washer or dryer. Can you believe it? and the very sad part is that I knit another pair of socks with the same yarn. I knit 2 pair of my favorite Nancy Bush patterns with this yarn - Damn! I haven't put my purple Child's First Sock on my feet yet (except in that picture) and now I don't know what I should do - maybe just keep them to look at! Hang them on the wall for decoration.

For comparison...this is the very 1st pair of socks I ever knit from fingering wt. yarn. Knit in 2004 and worn consistently ever since the day I finished them. These have seen more wear than any socks I've made! Oh how I love good ole Regia! (and for that matter Lorna's Laces, Opal, Trekking, Austermann, and all the other sturdy, durable and still beautiful sock yarns).

regia heel

I just pressed "publish" when my doorbell rang - I'm editing to show you what was in the package on my door step!

dye kit

I was a winner in the "Holiday Giveaway" contest over at the amazing knitting/designing sister's blog - Kathryn Ivy. Just look at this huge yarn and roving dye kit! They even have an Easter Egg Yarn Dyeing Tutorial . Isn't the yarn in that link picture gorgeous! Looks like I'm going to have some dyeing fun - I may even have to pull out my spindle and learn how to spin up some of that roving! Thank you Grace and Alice!!


January 2 , 2008
Bosnian Patterned Mittens

I bought this kit almost 3 years ago just before we left on a road trip to Alaska - I love kits for vacation knitting - all so nice and compact and ready to go! ANYWAY - I never even pulled the yarn out of the bag on that trip, but there it was still nicely packaged and waiting for me this winter.

Bosnian Patterned Mittens

Pattern: Bosnian Patterned Mittens by Beth Morimoto
Yarn: Blackberry Ridge 25% Mohair/75% Wool blend (42 gm natural gray, 60 gm dk.teal, few gms rust
Needles: I knit both mittens together on 1 40" circular (size 3mm for cuff and 3.5mm for body)

Bosnian Patterned Mittens Bosnian Patterned Mittens

A well written pattern with a beautiful chart - I made no changes. I love both the palm and back patterns and the beautiful cuffs with the tiny bit of rust peeking through. The thumbs are placed slightly toward the palm side for a perfect anatomical fit! These mittens are so warm with the extra layer of worsted wt. yarn from stranding - perfect for walking on these cold winter days. They are MINE!

Bosnian Mittens

Sleeves attached to Tangled Yoke....hopefully I'll be tangling soon!

Tangled Yoke

For some reason, I'm being drawn to socks again. Right now I'm working toward the toes on Florenz and I just started Nutkin (not enough done for a picture yet) as my take along socks, but already I'm deciding on my next socks....and there are so many choices - just in KALs alone. Madder Rib for Vintage Sock, Canal Du Midi for KOTR, Ravelry Sockdown has a choice between Cookie A (I would make Thelonius) or an intarsia mystery pattern. I also received a new Red Bird Knits stranded pattern and what about my Cat Bordhi book? - still haven't made a sock from that one - how about plain stockinette in one of my beautiful variegated yarns?

Or maybe I'll just start more mittens - or a scarf...


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