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January 29, 2009
Spiral Socks and Spring Quilt

I've had a bag of bits and pieces of Koigu leftover from Charlotte's Web since 2004 and When SKA had their December leftover challenge, I decided it was time to use this yarn! What I should have realized is that the result of using 4 different variegated yarns in a spiral pattern, just makes 1 giant variegated yarn...Oh well - I think it made a pretty pair of socks and despite the tangled mess of knitting with 8 balls at the same time, it was fun!

Spiral Stashbuster Socks

Pattern: Stashbuster Spirals (sort of)
Yarn: Leftover Koigu KPPPM from Charlotte's Web
Needles: 2 socks on a 2.25 mm 40" circular
Modifications: I took the spiral stripes method described in this pattern and slid it into my own cuff down sock pattern.

Salt Water Taffy Cutting

I've been cutting beautiful batiks to remind me that spring really is coming! This lap quilt is going to be all color play with very simple blocks. After taking this picture, I've pulled out many more fabrics because I decided to make it 80 (5"X 4 1/2") blocks instead of 56 - will still be a lap quilt at about 40" X 50" - more on this when I get some blocks made.
Also on the quilting front - there is a new Ravelry type site for quilters called QuiltGroup - JUST starting and definitely in the fledgling stage. I got my invite about a week ago and haven't had time to explore, so can't give you any feedback yet...but the developers seem to be working hard to make a fun quilting community site.

Jitterbug Prize

Prize winnings!! I love random generators :-)
I won 2 Purple Passion skeins of Jitterbug from Linda of Yarnzilla and 2 of Kirsten's beautiful Through the Loops patterns, Joni and Gallus. How did I win this?? Just by completing my TTL Mystery socks during the TTL Ravelry Group KAL and being lucky enough to have the generator pick my #! Thank you Linda and Kirsten for a great KAL and such generous prizes!


and lastly....Dave wants a pair of heavy warm boot socks....I didn't want to make boring bland socks and told him if I could use the above bright gorgeous yarn, I'd do it - he said "YES". I'm excited that he is expanding his sock yarn horizons....if this appreciation of bright wild yarn keeps up, he will surely get more socks in the future!


January 22, 2009
Maimu's Mittens

A special pair of mittens - I'll keep these for myself :-)
Not only was it fun making them, but the finished mittens are warm and beautiful. This knitting experience continues my ongoing love of Nancy Bush's patterns - I haven't yet met one I didn't like!

Maimu's Mittens

Pattern: " Maimu's Mittens" from Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush
Yarn: 28 gm Mountain Colors Bearfoot -" Copper King Plum"(discontinued color), 46 gm Silja Strompegarn - gray heather, small amt Lorna's Laces Sport in "Harvest"
Needles: 40" circular - 2.5 mm for cuff and 2.75 mm for hand
Modifications: Errata on row 43 - 2nd stitch from right should be dark. I also added an extra row of gray between rows 14 and 15 on cuff. Changed the top shaping by using a two-wick decrease instead of half-wick for a more finished looking edge.

The picture in the book shows little flower nupps, but the chart diagram shows crosses - I really liked the flowers so rewrote the chart to match the picture.

Another photo of my favorite part of these mittens....

Maimu's Mittens

out in the bright sunshine and snow pictures...

Maimu's Mittens Maimu's Mittens

SO.....I frogged Irtfa'a! It 's a long story of indecision, but in a nutshell, I made a mistake on the cast on and just couldn't live with it. Every time I took out the shawl, I spent the 1st 20 minutes pulling and stretching the edge to see if it would smooth out with blocking - trying to convince myself - "oh don't worry Pat - it will be under your hair anyway". I couldn't persuade myself to keep going and (with great relief) finally ripped! (had only the last stitch pattern and edging to go)

Ripping Irtfa'a

Irtfa'a (above in her last photo) is being reincarnated.

Corvid Laci

Her beautiful BMFA Corvid Laci is now becoming...

Alpine Start

a rectangular shawl from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby called "Alpine Knit Scarf with double rose leaf center pattern and diamond border"(Ravelry pattern page) When I joined Ravelry in 2007, this was the 2nd project I queued - a gorgeous shawl! I am thoroughly enjoying this new morning coffee/breakfast knitting project.


January 16, 2009
Mother Goose

I'm not having a baby - I'm not a grandma yet - I don't know anyone who is having a baby, but I wanted to make this I did! I will be all ready when a baby appears! I don't know exactly why I even wanted to make it (not my regular style of quilt) - nostalgia maybe? ANYWAY - I think it is adorable and can't wait for a baby to come along :-)

Mother Goose Quilt

Pattern: Mother Goose and Friends (free pdf pattern from P&B textiles) designed by Sue Garman.
Size: 45" X 45"
Method: Machine pieced and machine quilted by me. I have never learned to free-motion quilt, so it is all done with the walking foot and the feed dogs are up. I outlined the pictures in the blocks so it almost looks like applique, ditch stitched the stars with extra straight line stitching, put a chain in the borders and outlined the prairie points - I desperately need to learn to do free-motion quilting!

I bought the panel of Mother Goose blocks, cut them apart and then pulled out all my scraps that were similar colors to make the stars and prairie points. I can imagine the same quilt design with totally different alternate picture blocks - (there are so many fun choices out there!)
The backing is soft pretty flannel fabric that I already had which happened to match perfectly - Flannel fabric is perfect for the back of baby/child quilts - so nice a cozy!

Mother Goose Quilt

Here are a few close ups ... I love the prairie points!!

Mother Goose Quilt

Mother Goose Quilt

Knitting ... the mindless stockinette of Acer is so satisfying to me right now.

Acer Stockinette Acer Body


January 12, 2009
Mittens, Mittens

Warm stranded worsted weight mittens - practical in every way! On my quest to knit at least one pair of mittens from each of my pattern books this winter, Striped Mittens are my choice from Favorite Mittens. Alternating 2 colors and ALWAYS carrying the same color on top/bottom creates ridges that look like one color has been knit above the other - looks kind of like corduroy. There is no "jog" in the vertical striped pattern and Robin's different method of increasing keeps the stripes continuing on the thumb gore. The mitts can be worn on either hand - no right/left to worry about. You can imagine how warm they are with the dense stranding inside!

Striped Mittens

Pattern: "Striped Mittens" from Favorite Mittens by Robin Hansen
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes - exactly 1 skein each of "Arctic Pool Heather" and "Camel Heather"
Needles: 2 mittens on 1 40" circular - Cuff on US 4/ Hand on US 5
Size: Women's Medium

They had been worn for a few days, before I realized I hadn't taken an "off the hands" picture - still looking good!

Striped Mittens

Next mittens are from Folk Knitting in Estonia - "Maimu's Mittens". After an ill fated attempt (I had tried using KP Telemark, but that is a VERY heavy dense sport weight yarn - at 103 yards in 50 grams, I think they just twist their worsted weight tighter and sell it as sport weight - and they were way too stiff), I came up with a great yarn combination - Silja/Mt. Colors Bearfoot/Lorna's Laces Sport which are all heavy fingering/light sport weight.

Maimu's Mittens

Just look at that cool cuff! A double start cast on followed by YO braids, colorwork, and little nupped flowers - I LOVE it! The hand pattern is not easily memorized, at least for me, so theses mittens are slated for "pay attention" knitting time.

A finished quilt coming next ...


January 6, 2009
Latvian Dances

I certainly had no problem with boredom while knitting these socks! My enthusiasm stayed high throughout the process with 4 different colorwork patterns, braids interspersed here and there, and soft beautiful yarn. Robyn's gorgeous design uses motifs from traditional Latvian Mittens and I think they are one of the prettiest pairs of socks I have knit!

Latvian Dances

This was my 1st time knitting with Estelle Ariquipa yarn - it is a wonderful blend of superwash wool, alpaca, and nylon - I REALLY like this sock yarn with its beautiful colors and soft, luxurious alpaca touch.

Latvian Dances

Pattern: Latvian Dances "Ilze" by Robyn Gallimore of Red Bird Knits (October 2008 SOTM)
Yarn: 42 gms Ariquipa Paint (# 210) and 50 gms Ariquipa Solid (#222) - Plenty of leftovers!
Needles: 2.25 mm 40" circular needle
Modifications: (only of interest if you're making the socks) Centered the sole pattern and adjusted so no break in the pattern(my new round started after the instep), changed gusset decreases so single dark line flowed into dark line on edge of sole (eliminated the K1 and just K2tog/SSK on last 2 stitches), used a 2 color eye of the partridge heel.

They fit me to perfection! Here are a few more views since they look so pretty from all different angles...

Latvian Dances Latvian Dances

click photo for bigger

Latvian Dances LAtvian Dances

Now that these are done, I am in the swing of NaKniMitMo and am focused on mittens - 1 pair almost done (needs thumbs) and a new pair cast on with very cool cuffs - pictures next post...
I'm also binding a quilt, so should have plenty to show soon!


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