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July 26 , 2007

Breeze Anklets

Pattern: Breeze by Jennifer Appleby from Knitty Summer 2007
Yarn: 1 skein Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (13 gm left over) in Whisper
Size: Medium
Needles: 2 socks on 1 circular 2.25mm
Modifications: I didn't break the yarn and start again - just used next 32 stitches for flap - otherwise followed the pattern.

Breeze Anklets

Breeze Anklets

Breeze Anklets
I've never made or worn anklets before, but this pattern was just so cute that I had to go for it and I'm glad that I did!! Look at that little heel - Isn't it pretty?

Breeze Anklets

The front cable and lace pattern, "tilting ladder", is a 24 row repeat - do it 3 times and your done! See how it merges so nicely into the toe shaping?

Breeze Anklets

and only 1 skein of sock yarn!
I love them!


July 23 , 2007
Adventurous Yarn Shopping

Have you ever been to Posh Yarn Sundays at 6:00 GMT ? I had my 1st experience a few weeks ago and it was wild! I went ahead of time and made all my yarn purchase decisions (only 1 of which I got). Then continually "refreshed" the site starting at about 1 minute before the update and STILL did not get my 1st choices in time - oh the pressure and fun!! Don't try to buy all of your yarn and THEN check out because it won't be there anymore - luckily I knew this and checked each item out before going back for more! Shipping is $5.65 ( £ 2.75) outside the UK, no matter how much you buy.
Dee provides excellent service and oh....such beautiful hand dyed luxury yarn!!!

Posh Yarn

To clarify....I'm still knitting from stash (other than the sock yarn clause and my 1 (lace) get out of jail free card.) I have gone a little overboard with sock yarn lately though. I don't usually show yarn purchases on my blog, but since I put the above picture up, I may as well show you another...

Simply Socks yarn

Isn't that a pretty pile o' sock yarn? Some Lorna's Laces (Lemon, Tahoe) from the wonderful Linda (emtnestr) and J.Knits (lavender), Schaefer Anne (Desert Flower, Georgia O'Keefe), and Seacoast Handpainted (Scarlett Letter) from Allison at Simply Socks. I would highly recommend all 3 of these online stores - beautiful yarn and superb, friendly service!

my flowers

I just signed up for Sock a Month 4 and somehow followed Kathy and Shirley to Knitty KAL at the very last minute before it closed! So I have some knitting to do....
(and plenty of new yarn to do it with)


July 19 , 2007
Solstice Slip Socks

Solstice Slip

Pattern: The Solstice Slip designed by JC Briar for the June Rockin' Sock Club Kit
Yarn: Socks That Rock merino lightweight - color "Firebird"
Needles: 2 socks on 2 circulars - US1 (2.25mm)
Size: small (with modifications*)
Construction: (boring to read if you're not making these!!)
I opted for cuff down construction (directions were given for toe up and cuff down). I used the short row garter heel and toe (which meant kitchenering 30 stitches across the sock on the underside where the toe meets the sole) and *the only modification I made was to shorten the small gusset to 3 decrease rows instead of 5 which meant a total of 59 stitches on the foot (instead of 55) ...for that reason, when I got to the toe, I didn't decrease to 50 stitches as directed - I increased 1 stitch for a total of 60 stitches. (If this sounds confusing - it was...this pattern as written went from 65 stitches on the leg to 55 on the foot and 50 at the toe) SO, with all that said...the socks fit PERFECTLY! (but are a little too busy for my taste)

Solstice Slip Solstice Slip Solstice Slip
click pics to enlarge

Mystery Stole 3

I am enjoying the Mystery Stole 3 KAL so much! The developing lace pattern is beautiful and intriguing - Click here to see it stretched out a bit. When I picked the stole up from the floor after that picture, the middle 5 stitches fell off the needle without my knowing, and dropped back 4 rows. I tried (for what seemed like hours) to pick up and reknit them, but it was useless - just kept getting worse and worse. I ended up tinking back almost 5 rows! What a lesson in patience!!

So far, I have found it easy to "keep up", I knit about 10 rows each morning and finish a day or 2 before the next Friday clue comes along.

I'm finishing up all the "startitis" socks before starting anything new -"Breeze" anklets are next...


July 13 , 2007
New England Socks (beach pictures too)

This is my favorite of all Nancy Bush's Sock Patterns was love at 1st site! I'm not sure why I waited so long to make them, but I'm glad I finally did. Beautiful, fact so much so, that this may be the 1st pair of socks I've made that I don't wear... I just can't imagine getting them all dirty or even putting them inside shoes!!

New England socks
New England socks
Pattern: New England from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Regia Silk cream (002) - 2 50g skeins (with 21 g left over)
Needles: 2 socks on 2 circular Knit Picks US 0 (2mm) (2.25mm for cast on)
Modifications: I made only 3 diamond repeats on the leg (instead of 4) bringing the total to 6 center diamonds - otherwise followed pattern exactly as written.

New England socks

I think the double start cast on creates a beautiful cuff edging. The lacy ribbing which goes part way down the leg, adds a special touch too. I was concerned that the length of the foot might not match MY foot since it is dependent on the center diamonds, but by pure luck, the fit is PERFECT!

New England socks
click pics for bigger


Can you guess which sock will be done next?

soltice slip at the beach

connor cam
boys in the waves
boys in the sand


July 9, 2007
Cloud Scarf (and new morning knitting)

Cloud Scarf

The Cloud Scarf was the most pleasurable morning knitting project I have had in a long time. It is knit from one end to the other with no finishing and is a simple 12 row repeat. The lace pattern is written out, so if you are a chart lover ( either way is fine with me), you won't be happy. The finished scarf is so pretty and soft and I am just thrilled that I managed to finish without spilling any coffee on it!!

Pattern: Cloud Scarf by Lucy Neatby
Size: 10.5" X 54"
Yarn: 1 skein Knit Picks Bare Merino Wool fingering weight (with 24 g left over)
Needles: US 6 (Denise 4.2 mm)

I think it would be gorgeous in lace weight yarn....

I finished this scarf on the exact day that the Mystery Stole 3 KAL began so the timing was perfect and a new morning knitting project was born. The pace is just right for me and I love that there is a limit as to how much you can do....keeps me in check! I am using JaegerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk in "indigo" (a beautiful deep midnight blue with that elegant silk luster) on US 4 (3.5mm) needles - no beads.

mystery stole 3
here is how it looks while knitting
mystery stole 3
and slightly stretched out

I've played with the chart to make is easier and quicker for me....taking a few minutes to write in the # for the upcoming knit stitches (no stopping to count while knitting) and coloring right and left slanting decreases.

stole chart

My sister (Carol) and niece (Dana) have returned to Colorado - We had a great time together! Here they are at Kimball Farm attempting to down a whole Kimball's Special (those from MA know how daunting this task is!)

Carol and Kym

Next post.....SOCKS!!
(but we are off to the beach for a few days is good!)


July 1 , 2007

Without going into a big explanation....I'm going with moderation. A girl can change her mind - right? (Yes - I am embarrassed, but everything I said was true)
I will be gone for 2 weeks while family is visiting and we go for a short trip, but I have some ideas on how I can make blogging more enjoyable and less time consuming for me when I get back. See you in a couple of weeks....sorry for the freak out, but it was important for me to readjust a little bit.


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